And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… the title and cover of Spy School #6

Honestly, this is a case where a cover is worth a thousand words.  So here you go:



If you want to know more, click here. You could even pre-order the book if you wanted.

532 thoughts on “And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… the title and cover of Spy School #6

  1. And also will Leo or Jessica Shang ever appear again? Because it would be pretty cool if Jessica started working out and hired a bunch of assassins possibly including Ashley Sparks. Also Ben would never expect it because Jessica was acting so good at the end of spy ski school

  2. Josiah –

    I can’t really take suggestions from readers. And Ben is still in his second year because that’s when all these missions are taking place.,

  3. Stu-

    Are you going to make a Female Villian, or mabey make one of your characters LGBT? Just wondering.

    -Erica Hale

  4. Erica-
    A.) Ashley Sparks is a female villain, and Marge was up until FJ4.
    and B.) He already has an LGBT character in (SPOILERS) WOS

  5. Agent Ben –
    i believe we will see Paul Lee (I think that is his name ) in some books soon.
    It is like a play , if there is a gun in scene one then it will probably go off in scene two or three

  6. hi –

    The number of future books in Spy School is unknown. And I believe you mean ‘write.’

  7. Mr.Gibbs, did Spyder make more than one spy school? It would be cool if Spyder had multiple evil soy schools across the country.

  8. Rocky –

    It does not appear that SPYDER made more evil spy schools. But who knows? SPYDER is very devious.

  9. Still you said arm dealers plural. So does that mean that we will see multiple ones eg Vladimir gorksy and Paul lee or was it a spelling error

  10. I think that I would have been bored out of my mind as I cruse through school and get bullied by Derk in the canteen

  11. Question to all: do you think the spy school series should have a book taking place outside of the USA

  12. Agent Ben- i believe one of stus comments said that SSGS will not be in the USA

  13. Rocky –

    I am not sure how many books will be in this series, but I am betting it will end before Ben graduates spy school in six years.

  14. Can you give us a clue on what subject it will be on (subject like how funjungle’s subject is animals)

  15. Rocky –

    I really, really don’t have any idea what I’m going to do in future books quite yet.

  16. The kid –

    Which book are you referring to? You really need to be specific in these emails. It is very hard to follow the threads in these posts.

  17. Mr.Gibbs, in the first spy school, how did Chip find out the name of Operation Scorpio, I have read the book multiple times and I can’t find out.

  18. Will we see Ben age during the series or will he forever be a second year? Also I don’t understand how Ben gets to go on so many missions and yet he’s still incompetent at fighting. You would think that Erica or Cyrus would teach him at least basic hand to hand combat. Idk it just seems weird that Ben has been on five missions yet not once someone offered him more training in fighting. Lastly would you ever kill a character? There has been a lot of controversy over a book (that I won’t name) that a certain author killed a major character and everyone is either super mad about it or supportive of it since it gives off the feeling that no one is safe not even this person.

  19. Do you have a business email? I also REALLY love your books the only problem I have is that they’re too interesting so I read them all day! KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!

  20. Agent P –

    The topic of the new series is remaining a secret for now, because my publisher wants it that way. When I get the go-ahead, I will blog about it.

  21. Rocky –

    Oh, man. You’re asking me detailed questions about a book I wrote eight years ago. I really don’t know. Maybe the mole tipped him off somehow.

  22. Austin –

    Ben is aging in the series. Time is passing and the series is very clear about that. Ben is also getting better at fighting. It is just happening slowly. Ben gets to go on these missions because he is smart and has proven himself over and over. There is more to being a good spy than being good at fighting. I highly doubt that I would kill off one of the good guys in my series. That just seems wrong for middle grade.

  23. Gavin –

    My business email is posted on my FAQ page. But please read the rest of the FAQ page before emailing.

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