And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… the title and cover of Spy School #6

Honestly, this is a case where a cover is worth a thousand words.  So here you go:



If you want to know more, click here. You could even pre-order the book if you wanted.

526 thoughts on “And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… the title and cover of Spy School #6

  1. HEY STU (or any avid reader), What happened to Professor Lucas Crandall? I was getting huge crandall vibes from whats-her-face hale, but i’m getting bored of the whole ben+erica+alexander+cyrus+zoe+mike+chip+jawa+maybe hank. Bring back the crandall!
    I also feel bad for alexander like hue. He’s gotta become useful for something at some point.

  2. Max –

    I can’t do books about every single character I have created. If you’re bored of the others, I guess it’s time to stop reading the series.

  3. Dear Mr. Gibbs,

    I am your biggest fan, and the spy school series has been my favorite since the time I even opened the first book. That you for writing it, and I hope you keep writing.

    Your biggest fan

  4. Anonymouse –

    That has happened over the course of the books, with him really having to admit his failures at the end of Spy Camp.

  5. Dear Mr. Gibbs, do you have an idea about how many spy school books you are going to write? Also, I noticed that in SS4 you wrote that Ben beat up Trey Patterson, but in SS3 you wrote that he had beat up Dirk Dennet, and you never mentioned someone named Trey Patterson.

  6. Anonymouse-

    Really i din’t notice nice job on finding that… I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK:)

  7. Stu-/Anonymouse- stu in one of your comments you mentioned having 9 or 10 books? Hopes that answers your question a little bit anonymouse:D .I have read almost every comment i can get so that’s how i know:).P.S you can read the comment in the ssgs comments! i’m a huge fan:) might have to search a bit.

  8. Dear Mr. Gibbs.

    I know you’re busy and probably won’t get to answer this, but if you get a chance that’s great, but, I’m confuzzled on the whole Max getting to be a spy. And your answer isn’t classified, because my clearance level is 10.

    Sincerely, Agent Matthew

  9. Agent Matthew –

    Who is this Max you’re talking about? There is no Max who is a spy in any of my books.

  10. Dear Mr. Gibbs

    Please excuse my mistake. Upon going back over the case fil-I mean your book, we have found out his name is Mark.

    Sincerely, Agent Matthew.

  11. Dear Mr. Gibbs

    Also, two quick questions, the first being, have you read Harry Potter, and if so, what House (I’m a Slytherin) are you. Also, does Ben’s “Team” (Zoe, Jawa, Chip, Mike, Hank) get featured in Spy School Goes South? In case you need reminding, my security clearance is level 10.

    Sincerely, Agent Matthew.

    In your books, you make fun of Canada a lot, and say that us canadians aren’t a national security threat. Are you forgetting that we blew up your white house back in 1812? It would be funny if you made an SS book set in Canada, and Ben totally underestimates us.

  13. Dear Mr. Gibbs.

    What made you decide to make Warren defect to SPYDER? Also, if you could answer my earlier questions that’d be fine also.


  14. Agent Matthew –

    I have read HP. My house is classified. And who appears in SSGS is classified as well.

  15. Max –

    No offense, but 1812 was over two hundred years ago. Personally, I’d take it as a compliment that Canada isn’t a security threat. I love Canada.

  16. Dear Mr. Gibbs

    Mike. It’s Mike. It took me over 2 posts but I finally typed it correctly. I don’t why it took me that long, but it did.

    Matty Boi

  17. Dear Mr. Gibbs.

    You’re probably annoyed at this point, by the number of times I’ve asked you something, but, I wonder, I know you talk about it in your FAQ page, but, would the Pentago- I mean my school have to email you for you to be able to visit?

    Matty Boi

  18. I know this won’t happen! But I think it would be cool if you did An origin story about the other characters like Zoe,Chip,etc and how they got to spy school.

  19. Hi Mr. Gibbs!
    I really love your books, and so do all of my friends. I really, really hope you will keep writing books for the series Spy School. I was wondering… Is Spy School Goes South out yet? I can’t find it on amazon.
    Your biggest fan,
    Agent Hale
    P.S. I am not actually Erica, but you get the idea.

  20. Matthew –

    Your school should go to my school visits page to figure out how to invite me. (Usually, the librarian handles this, but not always. The librarian would still be a good person to start with.)

  21. Agent Hale –

    SSGS will not be out until October 2 of this year. All future releases are listed on the right hand side of every page of my website.

  22. Stu-

    Nice job on writing on writing 15 books!!! By the way do you know when you are telling us about info about the new series?? i’m dying to now.Also do you have plans to make even more series after the new one? Sincerely big fan.

  23. Nathan –

    I will reveal more about the new series when I can. As for more series after that… I have no idea. That could be five years from now, if not more. I have no idea what might be going on then.

  24. Stu-

    Thank you for writing all of these books. I love them and have read every one multiple times. If you ever make a movie I would love to get an audition as Erica Hale.

    -Erica Hale

  25. Love your books! Finished reading Waste of Space the day it came out. So Good! Also, interested in seeing the relationships between the characters in S.S. play out. The last book created many conflicts, and it will be interesting to see how or even if they will be resolved next book. Anyway, I’m extremely excited, can’t wait!

  26. NOTE: The name of Funjungle #5 has also been leaked to Wikipedia. I can probably figure out how to change it or take it down if you like. Again, delete this message.

    Agent Eclipse (spying for you)

  27. Just noticed swim suit is covered with pineapples. Best Swim Suit EVER:). Congrats to the illustrator.

  28. Hey Stu I was at my school and my friend who is also one of your fans told me that you had canceled the trip to my school this month because someone relative to you died and you are going to their funeral. Is this true?

  29. Mr Gibbs I just got 11 stitches and one of the things that pulled me through was knowing i could go home soon and read spy school

  30. Agent Eclipse-
    Im pretty sure its not real because the synopsis said that a mountain lion harmed a show dog. A mountain lion is a cougar so it wouldn’t make sense if the title was lion down when it had nothing to do with lions . Although it could be true

  31. Agent T.K.-

    True! Good Thinking. Also, the synopsis reads the name of Funjungle as being, “Funjungle Wild Animal Park,” which is completely false, unless there is a new facility or place which is being utilized. I can see Stuart Gibbs moving the setting away from Funjungle for a book, but not creating an entirely new park. Unless of course, the synopsis is fake, or contains false information.

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