And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… the title and cover of Spy School #6

Honestly, this is a case where a cover is worth a thousand words.  So here you go:



If you want to know more, click here. You could even pre-order the book if you wanted.

526 thoughts on “And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… the title and cover of Spy School #6

  1. Benjamin

    I’d probably tell young me to work hard at my writing because it will pay off some day.

  2. My little brother went to school with your first book (Paperback version). He came back and told me that he let a friend borrow it. When he got the book back, the back cover was almost nearly destroyed. I guess that his friend took the words “Destroy this note once you’ve memorized it” a little too literally.

  3. Hey Stu,
    I know that this really isn’t too important,
    but what color are Zoe’s eyes?
    In Spy School, they’re green…
    but in Spy School Secret Service, they’re brown!

  4. I also think it would be really cool to have it be in Minnesota or maybe even Oregon. Oregon isn’t really a popular state and you could have it around Mt. Hood or the Oregon Trail. For Minnesota the MOA would be cool and also maybe Duluth or Lake Superior.

    Also I’m a HUGE fan! I love all your books!

  5. Sly devil –

    Warren’s participation is classified, and there is no movie news to report at this time.

  6. so a Love triangle is classified, but what about a love SOME OTHER POLYGON?
    / \
    Zoe Erica
    \ /
    Warren Mike

  7. Oh also i forgot this-

    W h y Ben?
    He isn’t much in the way of fitting Erica’s Criteria for a good person, nor is he much good at everything. Still, he was the only person (behind Joshua Hallal, of course) to crack her tough skin.
    I mean, it might be that he’s been on five successful missions, is a good ‘thwarter’ and generally nice, but still there are better people, like Mike, who actually managed to swoon her.
    Or it could be just for story.
    I mean, I’m neither an author or good with girls so…

  8. I would love for there to be another hilarious screw up character like Warren. He always makes me laugh.

  9. Although the principal, Aka: The Idiot (Zoe’s dictionary) is also super funny, in a adult toddler sort of way.

  10. Hi Stu!
    I got a few questions about the books –
    Will Catherine Hale be in the book?
    Also, *creepy question incoming* but is there going to be more *spicy* ben and erica stuff in the book?
    And finally, sometime in the series, will there ever be a time when Ben is all alone (no CIA, Friends, Erica/Cyrus) on a mission?

  11. Hue Jnerd –

    Answers to all those questions are classified. And in SSSS, Ben is alone on a mission — for at least part of the story.

  12. IDK if you noticed or if this is on purpose but the left …glass? on the glasses are tilted like 1 degree up. And who wears a suit in the ocean? xD
    sadly I am being home schooled online this year so I can’t see you. Maybe you could do like a concert and read all your book on a stage like a kindergarten teacher. XD -#4 fan
    I have read allllllllllllllllllll of your books (except for the 3 muskatears series because that doesn’t rly interest me) and they’re so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood! plz do make more

  13. Stu-

    were are ben and erica going and does it involve a movie? You are the best author ever!:)

  14. Hey,
    Thanks for responding to my comment!
    I have a few more questions:
    -Does the age gap really matter to Erica/Ben? Erica made it a point that it is in fact kind of weird but it has never really been apparent in the story, and it doesn’t seem to affect the intimacy of their, ah, *friendship* and it doesn’t change their romantic feelings toward each other.
    -Are we ever going to see a rivalry between Zoe and Erica? I mean, in Ski School, Erica antagonized Jessica, seeing her as competition enough to be jealous of her. In Ski School Zoe also figures out that Erica has a thing for Ben, and in Secret Service Mike reveals Zoe’s crush on Ben.
    -Sorry there are so many questions haha
    -Do any of the characters not like sand? It’s rough and its dry, and it gets everywhere.
    -Will the characters dress up for Halloween? ya know, because it comes out in October……
    -Will Ben ever get good at, well, *anything*? Over the first five books Ben hasn’t really seen much improvement in the way of his fundamental espionage skills like fighting and stuff.
    -Same as the above question, but for Alexander. I mean, I get that his ‘schtick’ is the poster boy who is just plain bad, but in my opinion it would be cool to see Alexander do something correctly, maybe at least once.
    That’s really about everything I can think of atm… can’t wait to read!

  15. Mr.Gibbs, I have been searching restlessly for the exclusive edition of Evil Spy School on the website for Barnes and Noble, and I can’t buy online,(I don’t think they have it) because I’m only 13 years old. I just turned 13 last wednesday, so yay. I don’t how to contact Simon and Schuster to get the exclusive copy. I really hope they didn’t stop publishing the exclusive edition of the book. Can you please help me contact your publisher? Much appreciation, thanks.

  16. Hue Jnerd –

    You’re really asking too many questions. Part of the fun of reading a book is not knowing to much about it beforehand so you can be surprised by things.

    As for sand, though, they like it more than Anakin Skywalker. (I assume that’s a Star Wars reference you’re making there.)

  17. Rocky –

    The deal with the exclusive editions is that only a limited number are printed. B&N prints their own, so if they don’t have any, they’re gone. The best way to find one might be to visit your local B&N and see if they can track one down from another store.

    Sorry, but that’s the best I can do.

    Happy birthday.

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