And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… the title and cover of Spy School #6

Honestly, this is a case where a cover is worth a thousand words.  So here you go:



If you want to know more, click here. You could even pre-order the book if you wanted.

526 thoughts on “And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… the title and cover of Spy School #6

  1. Alanna –

    I really don’t know how tall Erica is. Truthfully, she has probably grown a bit between books and is still growing.

  2. Stu-

    My next question is sort of like Alanna’s question: How tall do you think Ben is?


  3. Spy-in-Training-

    In ESS Ben states that Joshua was not at Evil Spy School when it blew up

    – A fan

  4. A fan-
    The AVERAGE 13 yr old american boy is 5’3″.
    (average is capitalized because somebody will probably say that they are taller than that)

  5. A fan

    Thank you. Also, I think Ben most likely…well he is a human teen, so he is growing too, just like Erica, and what’s good about books, you can imagine things for yourself!

  6. Mr. Gibbs, I love Erica’s mom. You’ve always got to have a character like her. And she is right. Alexander Hale makes amazing first impressions, i thought he was the best spy, but now, it’s almost like Erica is the parent, and he is the child! He is doing better though. That Jason Stern, though. Boy, he is really stubborn. Erica got him good though :).

  7. I’m curious to see what will happen with Ben and Zoe in the next couple of books. There is obviously going to be drama with both Erica and Zoe liking Ben.

  8. Spy-in-Training-

    I agree. Catherine played an important role in S.S.S.S. and would be great in future books

  9. Agent 836-

    I wonder if Zoe is going to pretend to like Warren so he may turn good again. You’re right, although I didn’t see any drama between them on the chairlift when they were having « girl talk ». I thought Erica liked Mike, but turns out it’s Ben. Honestly, I think Mike is going to end up with Zoe and Erica with Ben, but who knows.

  10. Agent 836-

    Who is your favorite character? Here are my top 10:
    1. Erica Hale
    2. Mike Brezinski
    3. Ben Ripley
    4. Jawa O’Shea
    5. Zoe Zibbel
    7. Catherine Hale
    8. Chip Schacter
    9. Cyrus Hale
    10. Nefarious Jones

  11. Spy-in-Training-

    Although I like all the characters that you mentioned, I think my favorite is either Jawa or Ben. I know Ben seems like a very stereotypical choice but Stuart Gibbs made him funny and both good and bad at spying.

  12. Spy-in-Training-

    Do you think Cyrus’ opinion of Ben has changed given the events in Spy School Secret Service?

  13. My list of favorite characters would be something like this:

    1. Ben or Jawa
    2. Erica
    3. Zoe
    4. Mike
    5. Catherine
    6. Nefarious
    7. Chip
    8. Murray
    9. Jessica
    10. Cyrus

  14. Mr. Gibbs,

    In your blog post and some other websites, the cover of the SSGS book has pineapples on the shorts. On some other websites, like goodreads, the shorts are plain blue. Will this be fixed?

  15. Alanna –

    Oh man, I have no idea. The shorts have pineapples on the cover. I have no idea hy they don’t on those other sites.

  16. Agent 836

    No, I do not think that Cyrus’s opinion changed because he knows that Ben knows what he’s doing…at least he thought that at the end…also, may I ask why Murray is in your list?

  17. Personally I think the principal is my favorite mainly because the principal is dumb and funny.

  18. I know this isn’t entirely related to the cover of SSGS, but does anyone have any idea when the Spy School series might end? Hopefully not for a while though, fingers crossed!

  19. Omar –

    No one knows when the Spy School series will end. Not even me. And I’m the one who writes it.

  20. Stu-
    How do you decide on how long the period of time each book runs through, as it varies throughout the books? For example, in Waste of Space, it runs from Lunar Day 252- 253, while in SS, it is from Jan. 16 to Feb. 10.
    …Just wondering.

  21. Stu-
    How do you determine what length of time your books take place over? For example, in Waste of Space, that is from Lunar Day 252-253; while in SS it takes place from Jan 16 to Feb 10…just wondering.

  22. SS Maniac –

    I decide on the gap between books by doing whatever feels like it makes the most sense.

  23. SS New Student –

    The length is determined by the story I want to tell. I just write the story and see how many days it ends up taking.

  24. Just wondering, are the relationship between Erica and Ben be specified in Spy School Goes South?

  25. Stu,
    I feel like the principle of Spy School aren’t just some airhead. I feel like he is some sort of legendary agent earlier in his career, but for some reason he retired and decided to become the principle of Spy School.

  26. I really hope Ashley’s character is further developed in this book. I really think Ashley fits well into this series. I like the idea of an anti Erica and I think she can be a key character In the book. I am also sensing a relationship between her and Warren which you never know, could be interesting.

  27. Is there going to be a good Berica(Ben+Erica) moment at the end of the book, like all the previous books?

  28. Principle (though I think you mean ‘Principal’) –

    All future relationship information is CLASSIFIED.

  29. Stuart, I was drawing random pictures one day when I had the idea to make a SS picture. I drew it and it looks pretty good. It has may mistakes I wish I could erase but it was in colored pencil and it was laminated. It is currently hanging on the wall.

  30. Hi Stu,
    I was just on vacation in Washington, D.C. I walked through all the touristy stuff and saw so many things that were referenced in Spy School Secret Service!! It was so cool!!
    I saw most everything that I could think of, except the statue of Chester Alan Arthur. I looked right where it said that it was in the book, between the tidal basin and the Potomac. I am wondering if it is real??? I did find a statue of Teddy Roosevelt, who had a ring on, is that where you got your inspiration? or did you just make it all up?

  31. Sophie –

    I might have made that part about Chester Alan Arthur up. Almost no one ever goes to the south side of the reflecting pool.

  32. Claire –

    There is a small tribe of people in Papua New Guinea who worships Ben Ripley, so yes, I suppose that makes him a god.

  33. I feel sorry ? that everyone is asking when is ss6 coming out and u respond the same.(dats what I like ?

  34. About the tribe in Papua New Guinea. Is that god thingy in SSGS? Or it’s something else?

  35. Principal –

    I’m sorry but I really don’t understand what you are asking. Can you be more specific. (And remember, if you are referencing something in the comments from weeks ago, I won’t have any idea what you’re talking about.)

  36. About the comment, it was posted on August first by you. it says “Claire –

    There is a small tribe of people in Papua New Guinea who worships Ben Ripley, so yes, I suppose that makes him a god.”
    So I am just curious if it’s in the ssgs or something else.

  37. Principal of Spy School –

    That whole thing about Papua New Guinea was a joke. As, I assume, was the question asking if Ben was a god in the first place.

  38. Yeah. So the whole god thing was just a joke? I was asking where can we see the god thing if it’s true. In SSGS or other books.

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