Want a signed exclusive copy of Spy School Secret Service? Visit Barnes & Noble soon!

As if the exclusive edition of Spy School Secret Service wasn’t already exciting enough… with all the extra pages of bonus material and the secret poster on the inside of the book jacket… Now, while supplies last, you can get a copy with my signature as well.

I have signed 3200 copies of the book, which have been distributed to Barnes & Nobles all around the country.  They are now in stores and available for purchase.

Now, I know what you’re asking: Did you really sign all those books yourself?  Or did B&N just hire someone else to do it?  Or was there a stamp involved?

I signed them.  It took a very long time.  I had to spread it out over a few days to keep my hand from cramping up.  If you want proof that they’re all originals, check out a few copies.  The signatures in all of them ought to be slightly different from one another.

But like I said, there are only 3200, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.  So if you want one, you’d better hurry up and get it.

Happy holidays!

246 thoughts on “Want a signed exclusive copy of Spy School Secret Service? Visit Barnes & Noble soon!

  1. Artemis –

    Not much older than he is now. So all the new books are probably going to happen much closer together in time.

  2. Artemis –

    There was a B&N exclusive edition of Big Game. But those probably ran out years ago. There are not exclusive editions of the new printings. All that has changed are the covers.

  3. I just ordered Spy School Secret Service B&N edition and I am wondering, how is it different from the original Spy School secret Service besides having an extra shiny cover?

  4. Rocky –

    I don’t know when I am going to do a new blog post or put up any more info about SS6. It might be a bit. I am very busy writing the books these days.

  5. Stu –
    Will Cyrus ever die in your books?
    I feel like you could do so much if something like that happened

  6. mr gibbs

    Two questions:
    1. What is the Funjungle series name? Some are Funjungle or some are Teddy Fitroz (or however its spelled). Which one?

    2. In Poached, Summer tells Teddy about how JJ threatened to fire his parents. But in Big Game, JJ admits it to Teddy and Summer acts surprised. What happened?

  7. Critical Reader –

    1) It is called FunJungle. Anyone who calls it the Teddy Fitzroy series is calling it the wrong thing.

    2) That’s a good question. I might have made a mistake. (When you do three series, and write books years apart, sometimes its hard to remember every single thing that happened in every book.)

  8. Mr. Stuart Gibbs,

    What extra stuff is in the bonus copy? Sadly, the closest bookstore to me is a good 45 minutes away and I’m wondering if its worth the trip (it probably is). I live in the sticks in Texas.

  9. Phil –

    There is all sorts of extra fun stuff that I wrote. You can order the book from B&N on-line. Just click on the links on my home page.

  10. Will –

    Only pretending to kill him off and making everyone think he is dead is pretty much the same thing as killing him off. I don’t feel comfortable doing that to a good guy in a middle grade book.

  11. Rocky –

    For the time being, I am going to take a break from the MBA series. Because the moon is a very limited world to set stories. Hopefully, I will be posting more about this soon.

  12. Agent Ben –

    It is certainly possible that I could do a cheetah. I love cheetahs. They’re really fascinating animals.

  13. Rocky –

    The publishing release dates are all on the right hand side of every page of my website. That is the most up-to-date info I have.

  14. everybody wondering what the new spy school is about go on amazon.com and look up spy school new book and look at the preview and cover.

  15. the kid-
    How could it be there if the cover wasn’t even designed yet? In fact, it doesn’t even have an official name yet.

  16. the kid and Artemis –

    Looks like my publisher decided to release the cover without telling me first. New post coming soon.

  17. I saw this under book releases. October 2, 2018: Spy School Goes South. Does this mean the title for the next Spy School is Spy School Goes South?

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