Want a signed exclusive copy of Spy School Secret Service? Visit Barnes & Noble soon!

As if the exclusive edition of Spy School Secret Service wasn’t already exciting enough… with all the extra pages of bonus material and the secret poster on the inside of the book jacket… Now, while supplies last, you can get a copy with my signature as well.

I have signed 3200 copies of the book, which have been distributed to Barnes & Nobles all around the country.  They are now in stores and available for purchase.

Now, I know what you’re asking: Did you really sign all those books yourself?  Or did B&N just hire someone else to do it?  Or was there a stamp involved?

I signed them.  It took a very long time.  I had to spread it out over a few days to keep my hand from cramping up.  If you want proof that they’re all originals, check out a few copies.  The signatures in all of them ought to be slightly different from one another.

But like I said, there are only 3200, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.  So if you want one, you’d better hurry up and get it.

Happy holidays!

246 thoughts on “Want a signed exclusive copy of Spy School Secret Service? Visit Barnes & Noble soon!

  1. Stu-
    My friend is named Jake Marcionette. He wrote “Just Jake”
    He’s really funny and wrote an autobiography.

  2. Rocky –

    There are probably more copies of that edition, but the folks at B&N would know that better than me.

  3. Artemis –

    The exclusive B&N editions began with Evil Spy School and have continued with every book I have written since.

  4. Mr. Gibbs

    I have been dreaming to be an author for all my life. I have spent almost two years on my si-fi book, Mindreaders, a story like Maze Runner and The Giver. I have had teachers, friends, family and parents read my copy over and over. After a while, I feel as if I perfected my book and was wondering how to see if any publishers are interested in reading it. I have no idea how to reach this step. How did you first get your book noticed? Do you have any advice for me to reach the next level?


  5. Mr. Gibbs

    I know that Dash and Violet are in each series because they are your children. But so is Xavier. Who is he?

  6. Phoebe –

    You need to find an agent first. The way I found one was through a publication called The Literary Marketplace, which was available at my local library. (It is probably on-line now. It has been a long time since I had to look for an agent.) This is a huge book and one section is a list of agents and the areas they specialize in. A trick to narrow it down might be to find an agent who lives near you. (Most are in New York, but there are others scattered throughout the country.) Their listing ought to have instructions for how to submit your manuscript to them.

  7. Do you think you are ever going to release a new series throughout your life or not! I am just wondering, not soon but like over the next few years, do you think you are going to release a new series.

  8. YAY! I can’t wait to read it in the next few years. I love your books and are a huge fan of them. Thank you for being a great author!!!!

  9. Rocky –

    SS6 news will be up in a few months. But I do know the story. (I better know it by now, seeing as the book comes out this fall.)

  10. Hi Mr. Gibbs-

    I loved Spy School: Secret Service! It’s pretty impressive how you manage to come up with a different idea for each novel, considering that series of Spy School’s length usually end up reusing storylines.

    One question: Is the identity of the CIA director hidden in on of the books? Or is it already known to the readers? If so, I have my speculations on who it is…

    Have a nice day!

  11. Is there any more copies of evil spy school B&N edition because I checked my local B&N and there is none. Where can I find more copies of the edition?

  12. Also, sorry for bothering you but this one has been nagging at me. I just reread spy school and it said that Ben was fluent at 3 languages. What are they?

  13. Rocky –

    Your B&N should know where there are copies better than I do. If they don’t have any, you could have them search their system to see if any other stores have them. But if they’re all gone… then they’re all gone.

  14. I just scrolled down through all the blog posts and for some reason the title and cover reveal for spy ski school isn’t there. Why?

  15. Artemis –

    Because if Ben had only one adventure a year he’d already be 17 and wouldn’t qualify as middle grade any more. Plus, it’s more fun this way.

  16. Artemis –

    At times, I have to pare down this web site to keep it running smoothly. There doesn’t seem to be much point to keep the cover reveal post two years after the book has come out.

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