Want a signed exclusive copy of Spy School Secret Service? Visit Barnes & Noble soon!

As if the exclusive edition of Spy School Secret Service wasn’t already exciting enough… with all the extra pages of bonus material and the secret poster on the inside of the book jacket… Now, while supplies last, you can get a copy with my signature as well.

I have signed 3200 copies of the book, which have been distributed to Barnes & Nobles all around the country.  They are now in stores and available for purchase.

Now, I know what you’re asking: Did you really sign all those books yourself?  Or did B&N just hire someone else to do it?  Or was there a stamp involved?

I signed them.  It took a very long time.  I had to spread it out over a few days to keep my hand from cramping up.  If you want proof that they’re all originals, check out a few copies.  The signatures in all of them ought to be slightly different from one another.

But like I said, there are only 3200, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.  So if you want one, you’d better hurry up and get it.

Happy holidays!

150 thoughts on “Want a signed exclusive copy of Spy School Secret Service? Visit Barnes & Noble soon!

  1. Huge#1Fan –

    If you’ll look to the right hand side of every single page of my website, you will see a list of the most u-to-date info I have on book releases. I do not know how many SS books there will be.

  2. I have been wondering whether or not will Martin or Buck come back in the FunJungle series the way Joshua Hallal and Murray did in the Spy School series.

  3. I just checked out the rain forest site. It really is a genius idea not to force costumers to donate. It really is awesome. 8)

  4. Mr.Gibbs sorry to interrupt, but are you working on spy school 6 right now or fun jungle 5? Are you working on both as fast as you can? ( Really sorry to interrupt you, just curious, you are the best, thank you for your books,also I’m not trying to rush or offend you about how fast you work. Just curious.) Also, did you finish waste of space?

  5. Stu-
    I would love to personally thank you. You’re books help me in ways no one, even myself can understand. You see, my brother passed away a few weeks ago. It was hard for my whole family. My mom and dad fell into deep depression and completely forgot about me. They didn’t even go to work anymore. I had to do everything for our family. I cooked dinner, did the chores, even went shopping, all while trying to keep up with school. Every night, I’d cry myself to sleep. The only thing that kept me sane was your books. I own every one and at night I’d re-read them and laugh. The only time I ever laugh. I couldn’t fall into depression, too. My parents needed me.

    Our family counselor thought that it would be best for us to move. Too many bad memories lurked in our town. So we moved. I had no friends and my parents started struggling for money. One day at school, I was reading one of your books and some kid I didn’t even know came up to me and started to talk to me. We discussed your books. I had made my first new friend. She helped me through my life and our family, with help, got back on our feet. All because of your books.
    Thank you so much. I owe you my life.

  6. Mei

    Wow. That’s quite a story. I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad to hear that my books have helped you though.

  7. Rocky-
    I do admit that it seems stressful to keep up with the deadlines, but on the other hand, Mr. Gibbs controls the deadlines and sets them for himself. Quite unlike working at school or as an employee, Mr. Gibbs most likely sets the deadlines for himself and controls them, for example adding more time if needed.

  8. Actually, I picked my user name after the fictional character Artemis Fowl (from an another series I really love).

  9. According to the Barnes and Noble description of Waste of Space, it says that WOS will be the final installment in the Moon Base Alpha series. Is that true?

  10. Hi! So I saw this and went to Barnes & Noble and it said ” Signed copy” On it. I have checked the book and cant find any signature. It there a certain place it might be? Also I am almost done with it, this is easily one of your best books!

  11. Sophie-
    Check the first page after the inner cover and the last page before the second inner cover. If it’s not there, then it must be a mistake and the Barnes and Noble staff put a non signed copy and labeled it as a signed copy. It is also possible that the signed copies ran out, after all, it’s been over a month since they were announced and there were only 3200 of them.

  12. Rocky-
    If Mr. Gibbs knew the month SS 6 came out he would have posted it on the upcoming books chart on the top right hand corner of the website page.

  13. Hi everyone, its almost new years, and i feel like everyday is closer to the new release of book 6. Anyway, my point is can’t wait for book 6 to come out, and HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE. WELL EARLY NEW YEARS ANYWAYS.

  14. Hi everyone, its almost new years, and i feel like everyday is closer to the new release of book 6. Anyway, my point is can’t wait for book 6 to come out, and HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE.

  15. Dear Stu

    Is there gonna be a book 6 all the way to a 9 book. And if so when would they be coming out . Oh and in spy school secret service I would’ve never thought (spoiler removed) I gotta be honest this books are amazing and far more interesting that the ones I’ve read before and one last thing if your having book 6 what’s their title

  16. what do you mean when you say Moon Base Alpha opens on the side on 1/5/2041. I will be super old by then, I will probably be starting a job. I don’t know. Anyways what do you mean 2041. Thats like 30 something years from now.

  17. Rocky – Yes, I have a lot of pressure from all the deadlines. Though I’m pretty good at coming up with ideas.

  18. Rocky –

    All I can tell you about SS6 is that I plan to have it finished in time for it to be in stores later this year.

  19. Sophie –

    The signature ought to be on one of the first pages. If there’s no signature, take the book back to B&N and get one that’s signed.

  20. Huge#1Fan –

    If you have read my Moon Base Alpha series (Space Case, etc.) you will know what I mean by that.

  21. Mr.Gibbs, I had a comment before, and it got removed. It is appropriate. I keep writing the comment, and it is getting removed.

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