New Versions of Poached and Big Game in stores November 28th

On November 28, something very exciting is happening.  Poached and Big Game are changing their covers.  As of that day (and possibly a little bit earlier), the covers will look like this:

Amazing, right?  My incredible designer, Lucy Cummins, has done it again.

If you already have a copy of one of these books, don’t be alarmed.  Everything inside the book (except for some of the design elements) ought to stay exactly the same.

So you could be forgiven for asking, ‘Why are you changing the covers at all?’

To which I will respond with a question of my own: ‘Have you ever heard the phrase: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover?’

Of course you have. That phrase applies to people, though.  Not books.  (It’s meant to be taken metaphorically, not literally.)  Everyone judges books by their covers:  You do it.  I do it.  Your teachers and parents and librarians do it.

While the original covers Lucy did for Poached and Big Game are excellent, we felt it would be a good idea to give the series a cohesive look.  I mean, look at the covers for the Spy School series:

No question that those books are all in the same series, right?

But that wasn’t the case with the FunJungle series.  The covers were all very different:







They don’t look like they’re in the same series.

So that’s why we’re changing them.  There was no improving upon the original Belly Up cover, of course, which is a classic, but as for the rest, they are all going to look more like Lucy’s amazing Panda-monium cover:

And that’s why we’re changing them, pure and simple.  If you already have a copy, there’s no need to get a new one.

Unless, of course, you want every possible edition of my works in your collection.  Then by all means, feel free to buy another version of each of these books.

108 thoughts on “New Versions of Poached and Big Game in stores November 28th

  1. Aw man, I really like these books, and now my books aren’t the newest version. Meh, its ok

  2. That’s better. The spy school covers really keep the theme with the silhouette; now the new FJ covers connect them more.
    Always minimalistic as usual though.

  3. I already have the books with the outdated cover but I want to get the new ones. I added them to my Christmas list!

  4. Hello Stuart,
    I really love all your series. But Fj is my favorite. So can you give us details on what FJ5 is going to be about? Maybe what animals are in it?

  5. Aww, man! I loved the old covers! See, on my shelf, I pick my favorite covers and put them on display. The old Big Game version is actually my favorite book cover. 🙂 Oh well, the new ones are good, too.

  6. No, I don’t think so (my version of Ski Spy School is from this summer)

    I’ve already read Waste of Space. I’ve got a friend who is in some sort of thing where he writes reviews for new books at my local bookstore, and he let me read Waste of Space.

  7. Emily the Student –

    Book six is not out yet. It will not be out until this fall. All book releases are posted on the right hands side of every single page of my website.

  8. Hi Mr. Gibbs!!

    I think that the new covers are super cool! The originals are super unique, but it is still really cool that you want them connected a bit more. Pandamoniun is on my shelf as one of my top 10 favorite books alongside Wonder, Harry Potter, and Spy Ski School.

    If you had to pick a favorite book from any of your series, which one would it be?
    (For me it would super hard to pick one because I love all your books)

  9. KJ –

    I have the same problem picking a favorite as you do. I have put too much time and energy into these books to like one more than another.

  10. Artemis –

    I love elephants too. But FJ5 will not be about them. (If you want to read about elephants, though, read Big Game. There are plenty of elephants in that book.)

  11. Emily the Student –

    I will share some information about this book… eventually. But I am still working on the book and don’t want to share anything that then turns out to be wrong. So for now, everything about it is a secret. Sorry.

  12. Roger –

    About 7 months until SS6. The moment I have an exact date, it will appear in the book release box on my website.

  13. I LOVE all your books Stuart Gibbs!!!! They are amazing! Your books are my favorite tied with Harry Potter! Today (2/7/18) you went to my school! It was amazing! Thanks so much! Keep on writing great books!

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