New Versions of Poached and Big Game in stores November 28th

On November 28, something very exciting is happening.  Poached and Big Game are changing their covers.  As of that day (and possibly a little bit earlier), the covers will look like this:

Amazing, right?  My incredible designer, Lucy Cummins, has done it again.

If you already have a copy of one of these books, don’t be alarmed.  Everything inside the book (except for some of the design elements) ought to stay exactly the same.

So you could be forgiven for asking, ‘Why are you changing the covers at all?’

To which I will respond with a question of my own: ‘Have you ever heard the phrase: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover?’

Of course you have. That phrase applies to people, though.  Not books.  (It’s meant to be taken metaphorically, not literally.)  Everyone judges books by their covers:  You do it.  I do it.  Your teachers and parents and librarians do it.

While the original covers Lucy did for Poached and Big Game are excellent, we felt it would be a good idea to give the series a cohesive look.  I mean, look at the covers for the Spy School series:

No question that those books are all in the same series, right?

But that wasn’t the case with the FunJungle series.  The covers were all very different:







They don’t look like they’re in the same series.

So that’s why we’re changing them.  There was no improving upon the original Belly Up cover, of course, which is a classic, but as for the rest, they are all going to look more like Lucy’s amazing Panda-monium cover:

And that’s why we’re changing them, pure and simple.  If you already have a copy, there’s no need to get a new one.

Unless, of course, you want every possible edition of my works in your collection.  Then by all means, feel free to buy another version of each of these books.

108 thoughts on “New Versions of Poached and Big Game in stores November 28th

  1. The new FJ book doesn’t come out until 2019. Right Stu? I can’t wait for that book to come out! I am running circles around the world just waiting for that book. In the meantime I am thinking about what a great author Stuart Gibbs is! Thank you so much for writing amazing stories!

  2. Simon

    There is a whole blog post on my new Spy School book. Unless you’re talking about SS7. In which case don’t expect any posts for at least four months. The book doesn’t even come out until May 2019

  3. I know the title of FJ5. It’s called Lion Down. I stumbled upon it somehow on Google. I don’t know how. And Stuart, You are my favourite author, and I’m going bonkers waiting for SS6.

  4. Summer –

    I will release the titles and covers when I have them, which might not be for a while.

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