Check out this book trailer for Spy School Secret Service!

I’m not sure what else to say about a book trailer except click here to see it.

And while you’re at it, check out the book trailer for Waste Of Space by clicking here.

Thanks, Amanda Prager, for putting these together!

And don’t forget, Spy School Secret Service is in stores next Tuesday, 10/10!

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114 thoughts on “Check out this book trailer for Spy School Secret Service!

  1. I love this series! I read Secret Service in two days! When is the next one coming out?? I wanna know what happens in all the cliffhangers! Will Ben become enough of an all-around spy to field for the CIA? Will Zoe and Ben date? Will Ben’s parents learn he’s a spy?? Will Mike turn out good or evil? Will Erica deal with her issues enough not only to love, but to save the World? Let me know!! I can’t wait!

  2. On one of your replies to a comment (from a super long time ago), you said something about not having a say in the casting of the actors if Spy School is going to be made into a movie. I live in LA, and my dad knows a producer quite well (my uncle is an actor) and I was wondering what the procedure is for a book to be turned into a movie. I am a HUGE Spy School fan and even though my dad generally doesn’t read, I begged him to try it, and he read the first book. He loved it and agreed to keep reading it. So like I was saying, how does it work? Does a studio or film group buy rights for making the book a movie or do you partner with someone to make it happen?

  3. Ai JieXi –

    For the time being, all that information is classified, except the release date of SS6: fall 2018.

  4. Ann –

    Your first assumption is correct: a studio options the rights (which is like buying, but for a limited period of time) and tries to get a script they like and financing together to make the film. If the film moves into production (a long shot) the studio handles the hiring of everyone involved, from directors to actors to on-set caterers.

  5. Stuart Gibbs-

    Earlier today I finished your first spy school book. It was very fun to read and I loved every page of it. I was surprised when I found out Murray was the bomber. I was deeply surprised when Alexander Hale took all the credit for Ben’s capture. I am now reading spy camp. I’ll tell you when I finish it.

  6. Hello again! Thank you so much for your reply! I have a couple more questions, if you don’t mind.

    1) If Spy School was made into a movie, then who would make up your dream cast (for Ben, Erica, Zoe, Mike, Warren, etc.)?
    2) Have you had interest from a studio yet?
    3) Because books usually differ from movies, how would your preferred movie be set up (like would Ben have narrated dialogue in between scenes where it is told from his point of view (like the books are))?

  7. I have one more question (sorry, I am just really curious)….

    Do you think Spy School would be better off as a bunch of movies (like they did with Harry Potter) or as a TV show (with like each mission/book being a season)? I feel like the TV show would require more detail and dialogue, but which one do you like better?

  8. Hey Stu –

    In SS Erica’s hair was described as dark brown, but in SSSS it was described as “raven black.” Which is it?

  9. Hey Stuart!
    Spy School Secret Service is awesome!!!! My whole family loved it!! Erica’s mom is totally cool !! 🙂 Can’t wait for the SS6!!!!!
    Has anyone shown an interest in making a movie/TV-show out of the SS series? That would be amazing!!!!


  10. Ann –

    1) Honestly, I don’t have any cast in mind at all. If it takes three years to get the movie made, anyone I want for Ben or any other kid now will be to old for the part.

    2) I have had interest, but that doesn’t really mean much, sadly.

    3) There would probably be voiceover in the movie to match Ben’s voice from the book, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

  11. Ann –

    I think a streaming TV show would probably be the best version of the book, with multiple episodes that could all be binged.

  12. Apporva –

    I have played with some cyber-security themes (it’s covered a bit in book one) but it’s not easy to make that very exciting.

  13. I’m probably the only one wondering this, but it feels too easy if Ben solves EVERY mystery EVERY time in EVERY book.
    From other Spy School students’ point of view, Ben basically has had an all-star career since 12 years old and will succeed in every single mission from then on (because you also can’t kill him off)
    It’s not realistic and it just bugs me.
    Just my thoughts.

    -critical fan #1

  14. Salimon –

    If you look to the right hand side of every page of my website, you can find a list of when the next books are coming out.

  15. Critical Fan #1 –

    Does it also bug you that Encyclopedia Brown, Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Travis McGee, I.M. Fletcher and every other detective in every other detective series ever written in the history of writing solve every crime in every book? That’s how these series work. Maybe it’s not the most realistic thing ever, but that’s kind of the point of fiction. If you want realism, I suggest reading the newspaper every morning.

  16. Stu-
    I guess no. If you take the “crimes” Nancy Drew has solved (why did I ever decide to read that book cringgeee) and the severity of SPYDER’s plots…it’s real fun to read, seriously.
    I’m just wondering how you’re going to keep this climax going. Each book has been a step up from the previous. What evil plan could beat nuclear missile blackmail?
    It’s like I don’t want to be let down as the series progresses 😉

    And we don’t have a newspaper where I live. Even if there were, I wouldn’t read it 😛

  17. I loved Spy School Secret Service!!!! Bought it yesterday and stayed up until 3am to finish it. Can not wait for Operation Tiger Shark!!!!!!! Loved what you did at the end with the kid. (Not gonna spoil it for others viewing this page) Thank you!! Will Jessica Shang come back soon? If not, where is she?

  18. Hey! Im currently rereading all of spy school(for the 5th time) to get ready for secret service. It got me wondering, what was your favorite book to write?

  19. Aiden –

    My favorite books to write are the spy school series, because the world is so much fun. My favorite books to research are the FunJungle series, as I get to go behind the scenes at zoos.

  20. Stu-
    Cool, it really shows that you are very enthusiastic in all of your books!Do you ever do any research for the spy school?

  21. Aiden –

    I do research for Spy School. For Secret Service, I spent a lot of time in all the places mentioned in the book.

  22. Stu-
    By SS it’s says that Zoe’s eyes are green but then at SSSS it says her eyes are brown. So which one is it?

    Ps. Im a HUGE fan of your books!

  23. Fan #1 –

    They’re green. Eye color is one of those things that is very hard to keep track of throughout an entire series.

  24. Wait- Lucy Cummins, who guards Captain Cuddles, isn’t she the person that designs your book covers?

  25. At first I could not believe that cyrus was against ben and Erica but then I was so glad that he is actually agreeing with them! I hope you make the Spy School Series into a Movie!

  26. Alyssa –

    I encourage people to do some sleuthing about this one. Many readers have figured out where my main characters got their names. As for the secondary characters, they are named after lots of people I have met around the world.

  27. I know I will probably sound like a broken record at the end of this, saying the same thing my fellow readers have said, but hear me out, ’cause this broken record has a thing or two to say.

    I went to Barnes & Nobles today and bought SSSS and read this mind churning book in approximately three hours, (a new record for me) I have to admit it is an amazing story, as well as the others before it, but there are some things left out, like the fact that you had such a big build up with Mike the new spy-in-training, but in SS5 he doesn’t have all that much to do with the plot of the story, but he does think a lot like Erica which is saying he has a lot of potential. He has ALSO caught the eye of the great Cyrus Hale, and has slightly thawed Erica, aka the Ice Queen, that is nothing to put aside, and yet nearing the end of your book you merely have Erica thinking of him as a “friend”. I know she comes out and subtly says she likes Ben but then saying she doesn’t want to be in a relationship and or doesn’t feel she is ready, and she thinks the same for Ben. She also seems a bit embarrassed at the fact that she likes a boy 2 years younger than she. To Ben that probably sounded like a challenge, but that moment ended pretty quickly when she decided to change the subject (aka Stuart Gibbs in his natural habitat) and attack the guards, leaving important information lost.

    I also have a suggestion. I know it probably isn’t the infamous Stuart Gibbs reading this, but I thought maybe in the files he always does at the end, he could have Erica write a little “secret” journal about Ben, but without really giving a whole lot away with anything to do with her feelings, just leading the readers on and making them want more.

    -Ely Leonard

  28. Ely-
    This is not the infamous Stuart Gibbs but we’ve seen Erica change drastically in a couple years. Yeah, all (most of) the fans want to see more BenXErica, but the Ice Queen keeping a secret diary? Writing about Ben? That doesn’t sound like Erica at all; she wouldn’t have time for petty journaling.
    Just saying. Your idea sounds like something from a fanfiction, alas too good to be true xD

  29. I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your books. I have a suggestion, maybe you could write a few novellas about each characters backstory or point of view so we know what they are all thinking. (I’d really want to read Erica’s)

  30. Hey Mr. Gibbs,

    I have a strong feeling that Operation Tiger Shark will take place somewhere in London since American D-Day preparations were conducted during 1944. Have you visited Europe and loved it enough to incorporate some of your story to take place in Europe? I think the logical progression of the story will involve traveling Europe with the visit of MI6. Am I right with that logic?

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