Check out this book trailer for Spy School Secret Service!

I’m not sure what else to say about a book trailer except click here to see it.

And while you’re at it, check out the book trailer for Waste Of Space by clicking here.

Thanks, Amanda Prager, for putting these together!

And don’t forget, Spy School Secret Service is in stores next Tuesday, 10/10!

Click here to preorder your exclusive edition from Barnes & Noble.

113 thoughts on “Check out this book trailer for Spy School Secret Service!

  1. Mark –

    It is only a week until the book comes out. You can probably wait until then to get the answer to that question.

  2. I read your new book in one day, i need the 6th book, ive read every other book. Please keep on writing this series, its the only one that i like, and i hate reading

  3. Just got done with SSSS and It was SO good! I’m hoping there will be a sixth one and If the pattern continues it will come out on Oct. 9. Please correct me if I’m wrong on any of this. I think it would be cool to have Zoey start showing that she likes Ben, but then Erica gets really jealous and tells Zoey to back off or something and Ben hears it somehow. I know it would be really hard to incorporate that into the book, and I know you have probably started the book already but it was just an Idea.

    Thanks!, Ryan

  4. Our whole family loves the Spy School series. We read the first one and were thrilled when the second one came out. We have read all of them as soon as they have been released. So on September 2, 2017 we pre-ordered Spy School Secret Service. Our kids began checking our post office box a week early, just in case it came ahead of time. Well it didn’t come early, that is okay. What is NOT OKAY is that it isn’t going to get here until October 16th !!!!!!!!!!!!!! That what Barnes and Noble on line said when I checked on Oct. 10th. We are quite disappointed and frankly, quite angry too. B & N have had our money for a month, we just wanted the book as soon as possible. Reading that others who pre-ordered their’s did receive them is annoying. But we are glad they didn’t have to wait. Next time I will buy from my local book store.

  5. Ryan –

    You’re right. I can’t incorporate any of that into book 6. I already had to start writing it so that it can come out next year.

  6. Denise –

    I am sorry you had a problem, but I have no control over Barnes & Noble and their shipping. I would suggest you take the issue up with them. Meanwhile, I have no problem with anyone buying a book from their local store.

  7. Hi, your books are awesome!!! They are my favourite series!!! I live quite far away, in South-East Asia, and I can’t wait for Spy School Secret Service to get here!!! The last few pages of Spy Ski School was awesome, when Ben knew Erica like him!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!

  8. Oh shoot, I was reading through the other comments on blog posts. And got my answer. Consider above to be a void comment. 🙂

  9. Hi Stuart! I am curious about how many years of school the Academy of Espionage is. In the first book, I thought spy school was described as being 6 years (seventh grade-twelfth grade). I was wondering if you added an extra year or if I am just confused because, in Spy School Secret Service, Ben says that “students from 2nd to 7th years, were hunched over tables in the library”

  10. Sally –

    I might have made a mistake. Sometimes, when there’s a gap of several years between writing book 1 and book 5, you lose track of things. (My publisher is supposed to catch things like that, but they usually don’t. Instead, sharp-eyed readers like you do.)

  11. Could you consider on making a mission called Operation Constipated Monkey? That would be really funny. Also, can you consider getting us a sneak peek of MBA 3?

  12. Erica –

    That would be funny. I’ll have to think about it.

    The best way to get a sneak peek of MBA3 is to buy the paperback of Spy Ski School.

  13. I have a couple questions… How many books will be in the Spy School series? Please make a happy ending for Ben and Erica.. Will you ever consider writing a Young Adults novel? Any updates for Spy School #7?

  14. Talia –

    I don’t know how many books there will be. No updates for SS7. I’m still figuring out SS6.

    No plans for a YA novel at the moment. My publisher wants me inMG for a while longer.

  15. Spy school is my favorite series of books. I love the mystery and the suspense. Almost done with SSSS. I’m so sad . I want it to go on for forever. I love it! Thank you so much for writing an awesome book series!

  16. Great book Stu! But one thing that I don’t understand is why Ben hasn’t had extra training in the hand to hand combat. I mean he has had 4 missions and not once had anyone thought “hey what if I teach Ben to defend himself in the field and not rely on others?” I mean woodchuck and even Erica could do it. Another thing is if you continue this story until Ben is a 7th year, at the rate he is aging in your book it’ll take about 10 more books. I suggest you make another series like in Percy jackson rick riordan made the hero’s of Olympus. Plus you can add more characters and more adventures.

  17. Austin –

    If you think about it, your two questions are connected. Ben isn’t aging that quickly. So even if he gets additional training (which he is getting) that doesn’t mean he is going to become an amazing fighter in a matter of weeks or even months. It’s not that no one has thought ‘hey let’s teach ben to defend himself.’ It’s just that Ben isn’t good at it and hasn’t had the time to get better. Everyone has their weaknesses. Meanwhile, Ben has strengths that other don’t have. You might argue, ‘Why isn’t the school training the other kids to be as smart as Ben?’ It’s not that easy.

  18. I love all your books. The split second I got my hands on SSSS, I finished it within two hours. I love the action and suspense you put into your writing. Do you think you would ever focus one of the Spy School books on MI6? Or have Summer solve the mystery in a future FunJungle? Would you consider, possibly after MBA, maybe write a book on a girl protagonist?

  19. Another quick question. Will you ever come to Canada? I have gotten so many of my friends reading all three of your series and 100% i think all of them would like to meet you!!

  20. Katherine –

    It would be fun to return to MI6 in a future book.

    I think Summer will be more and more part of the solving in future books.

    I am seriously thinking about having a female protagonist.

  21. Katherine –

    I would love to come to Canada. I love Canada. Where in Canada are you? (It’s a very big country.)

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