Barnes & Noble will be printing an exclusive edition of Spy School Secret Service

Did you enjoy the B&N special edition of Evil Spy School? Or Big Game? Or Spy Ski School? Or Panda-Monium? If you did (or heck, even if you didn’t) here’s some good news:

There is going to be a special edition of Spy School Secret Service too.

I have just wrapped up work on some fun bonus features, and the fabulous Lucy Cummins is designing some great stuff for it as well. Like the others, there will be a special, extra-shiny book jacket with a secret surprise poster on the inside, along with lots of pages of bonus material.

And right now (July 24), the book is only $10.95 if you pre-order it on B&N. I have no idea where they came up with the price of $10.95, but if I were you, I wouldn’t question it.

All you have to do is click right here to pre-order it!

(In the past, some special editions have shipped up to a week early. Β I can’t promise this will happen again, but it’s yet another bonus for pre-ordering it.)


159 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble will be printing an exclusive edition of Spy School Secret Service

  1. Stu-
    But “si” as in “sy” like in “spy”?
    I peak different languages and “si” is pronounced differently.

  2. MaYbE –

    Justin is not my son. He’s just a clever kid who figured out how to get an Advanced Readers Copy from the publisher.

  3. AM –

    “Sy” and in “Spy.” Didn’t any of you kids ever see Miley Cyrus? “Cyrus” is pronounced the same way she pronounces her last name. (I did not name Cyrus after her, though.)

  4. In Evil Spy School, on a Kindle or Nook or other device, you can see the stuff that is supposed to be blacked out. Did you do this on purpose?

  5. Mistry –

    I did not do that on purpose. It’s actually a mistake. You shouldn’t be able to read the words at all.

  6. Hey Stuart there is a leak on ********* and it says that Lots of spoilers and it was posted 5MONTHS ago! U made the book that long ago?!?

  7. It’s Me –

    Could you actually let me know what site has the leaks? (I can’t read asterisks.) You could use my email at

    The Advanced Reader Copies are done months ahead of time, but the book is still not 100% finished when those come out.

  8. Stu-

    Wow, I’m being called clever by the greatest author, unbelievable.

    Also, has It’s Me emailed the leak to you. I think I have the same thing, however unfortunately, I doubt there is too much we can do about it because it is really all fair play in my opinion. I’ll email the link to you if you don’t already have it, but it’s not really a leak though.


  9. Stuart Check Out and search up Spy School Serect Service all look at the reviews! They have spoilers which I’m not allow to say.

  10. It’s Me Again –

    That reviewer is the great Mrs. Yingling, who is very influential. I am sure my publisher sent her the ARC.

  11. Justin TB –

    I have seen the review. Admittedly, there are spoilers, but it’s a review by Mrs. Yingling, who is a really amazing and influential book reviewer.

  12. She’s Lucky like you Justin TB! You guys got an ARC. I can’t because I’m not a blogger or book reviewer. Also, I have no idea how to get a COPY. The Only Thing I have is an Instagram lol.

  13. Also, Stuart I just notice something. In Book one (Spy School) it says all these names of people who approved Ben. One of them is Xavier! (Xavier from FunJungle!) Also, in FunJungle isn’t Violet your daughter? AND the football guy’s name is your son’s name? (Srry forgot the name of your son) πŸ™

  14. It’s me again –

    You’re right, there are some names that appear throughout my books to honor people I really care about.

  15. Stu-

    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Ms. Yingling is very revered in the blogging community, unfortunately in my opinion I think she gave a bit too much away. Not any main plot stuff but too much of the side plot. She knows what she’s doing, so what can you do.

  16. Stuart I can’t wait for the new book! Only ONE MONTH, and a Week away!
    ARE YOU GOING celebrate for the book release?

  17. IM3 – I will be in Chicago on book tour that day, and that evening I will be doing a bookstore event, followed by an evening out on the town with fellow authors James Ponti (Framed!), Liesl Shurtliff (Rump) and Andrea Beaty (Iggy Peck, Architect). So that ought to be fun. Details of tour events will be up on the calendar as soon as I have them.

  18. -Stuart
    Going to Chicago is swawsome! Also, thanks Justin for email. πŸ™‚ The people you are on this website are hardcore fans. LOL

  19. SSfan

    I don’t read any of that stuff so I can’t comment on whether it is accurate or not. The less you know about the book the better.

  20. Hey, I just noticed that in chapter 1 of Spy School it says Alexander has grey eyes. Then, in book 2 it says he has blue eyes. ???????????????????? ????????????

  21. O.MG. I have been waiting ever since spy ski school came out and now it is just less than one month away!!!!!! On google plus, there is a Stuart Gibbs community. Also is there any were you can get a preview?

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