Barnes & Noble will be printing an exclusive edition of Spy School Secret Service

Did you enjoy the B&N special edition of Evil Spy School? Or Big Game? Or Spy Ski School? Or Panda-Monium? If you did (or heck, even if you didn’t) here’s some good news:

There is going to be a special edition of Spy School Secret Service too.

I have just wrapped up work on some fun bonus features, and the fabulous Lucy Cummins is designing some great stuff for it as well. Like the others, there will be a special, extra-shiny book jacket with a secret surprise poster on the inside, along with lots of pages of bonus material.

And right now (July 24), the book is only $10.95 if you pre-order it on B&N. I have no idea where they came up with the price of $10.95, but if I were you, I wouldn’t question it.

All you have to do is click right here to pre-order it!

(In the past, some special editions have shipped up to a week early.  I can’t promise this will happen again, but it’s yet another bonus for pre-ordering it.)


159 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble will be printing an exclusive edition of Spy School Secret Service

  1. Will –

    No there was not. B&N did not start doing exclusive editions of my books until Evil Spy School.

  2. When you say bonus chapters do you mean extra chapters or exclusive chapters or just games or posters?

  3. Woodchuck –

    Bonus content means more pages. There is additional material that I have written for the book.

  4. PM –

    There is exclusive additional material that I have written. They are not bonus chapters and not games. But fun additional stuff that adds to the stories.

  5. Ben –

    I wrote a whole book that tells what happens with Ben and Erica. So if I told you now, it would really defeat the purpose of reading the book. Plus, it would take all the fun out of reading the book as well.

  6. Dear Stuart Gibbs,

    I have read almost all of your books so far, I only have to read the 2nd and 3rd book in the Last Musketeer Series. I have also followed you on Facebook. I just wanted to add an update. The B&N edition is now only $9.99.

  7. I love all the books u have wrote and read all of them can u write some more books of the last musketeer series I loved them and all the series u wrote and can u also write some more books in the fun jungle series u are my favorite author

  8. Julie –

    There will be no more books in the Last Musketeer series, as that publisher has not been very supportive of that series. But I am at work on FunJungle #5.

  9. A.M.-

    I’m assuming those who make a wordpress account may attach a profile picture. Currently you are using this site as a guest, thus you can’t add a profile pic.


  10. Hey Everyone-

    So as a blogger (yes I have a blog, click my name to check it out 🙂 ) I got the very lucky opportunity to read SSSS early. Obviously it was pretty good, but of course to get avoid being kicked off this site (exaggeration but you get the point) I can’t post any spoilers. BUT SERIOUSLY GO PREORDER THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW it is super cheap and totally worth it!! THIS IS THE BEST SS BOOK EVER (and even though I’m biased, I’m a reviewer, so when I claim something it is honest. Trust me all your questions from relationships to new and old characters will be answered! Just like its release date, it is 10/10!!!


    P.S. I will be posting about the book on my blog. NO SPOILERS OF COURSE. Mostly I’ll be hyping it up. again nothing will be about the plot. you’ll see, but I guarantee you it is spoiler free.

    P.P.S- it’s happened before but Stu has been known to take down comments who spoil stuff. Stu- if you take this down because you don’t want ANY information out, that’s cool, no problems, worries, whatever.

  11. What is the overall feeling of Spy School: Secret Service, and do you have any surprises planned?

    Also, as a general note to readers, look at Spaced Out at B&N for the preview.

  12. V Roy –

    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘the overall feeling’. But if I had to guess, I would say that the overall feeling it that it’s the best book ever written.

    Also, if I told you there were surprises, then the surprises wouldn’t be as good. So there are no surprises. None.

  13. Thank you for being one of my favorite authors. I’ve recommended spy school to 2 people and love it!

  14. If stu writes a book they are always surprises also i feel likr stu is dropping hints not ssure if on purpose

  15. Will –

    Yes, there is a very good answer for why I haven’t answered your questions: I lost track of them. It is hard to keep up with everyone’s questions on this site but I am doing my best. I can’t even find a question from someone named Dazzle. The easiest thing for me is to just restate the question so I can answer it.

  16. To clarify Stu,

    Dazzle and Will both asked similar questions: Will Ben make new freiends (Will) and will Ben meet new people (Dazzle).

    As Stu said Will it’s not like those questions have spoilers linked to them I think he just forgot to answer them lol.


  17. Ah, thanks JustinTB.

    Given that it’s a new mission, Ben is definitely going to meet new people. But as for new friends… Ben has a lot of friends as it is. Any more will just overload the story.

  18. I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this book to come out !! now i’ts less than 2 MONTHS !!!!! I am SO excited !!! 🙂

  19. Why is the CIA Directors name Oliver Spindrift. Also why is Cyrus’s codename Gold Bear?
    and is Cyrus’s name pronunced Si-rus or See-roos

  20. Erica –

    Oh man, I don’t really know my Australian bookstores. (I wish I did.) Is there a local indie bookstore in Perth? If you talk to the people who work there, they could probably figure out how to order any of my books that you want.

  21. Mistry –

    Honestly, sometimes I give people names simply because I like the sound of them. That’s the whole reason.

    Cyrus is pronounced ‘Si-rus.’

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