Barnes & Noble will be printing an exclusive edition of Spy School Secret Service

Did you enjoy the B&N special edition of Evil Spy School? Or Big Game? Or Spy Ski School? Or Panda-Monium? If you did (or heck, even if you didn’t) here’s some good news:

There is going to be a special edition of Spy School Secret Service too.

I have just wrapped up work on some fun bonus features, and the fabulous Lucy Cummins is designing some great stuff for it as well. Like the others, there will be a special, extra-shiny book jacket with a secret surprise poster on the inside, along with lots of pages of bonus material.

And right now (July 24), the book is only $10.95 if you pre-order it on B&N. I have no idea where they came up with the price of $10.95, but if I were you, I wouldn’t question it.

All you have to do is click right here to pre-order it!

(In the past, some special editions have shipped up to a week early.  I can’t promise this will happen again, but it’s yet another bonus for pre-ordering it.)


154 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble will be printing an exclusive edition of Spy School Secret Service

  1. Stu-
    Also, I noticed a spelling error in my long comment. I meant then, not than. I’m kind of a grammar police, even though I don’t always catch my mistakes.

  2. Maddie –

    I might make a book with a female protagonist. Keep your eyes on my blog for details.

    How can Ben go on so many missions in a year?

    First, a word about how publishing works. I write middle grade books. In middle grade, the character has to be a certain age. Once he ages up to, say 15, it is no longer really middle grade. So I have to keep my characters young for a while, which means compressing the missions they go on into a year. (If you were to argue that Harry Potter was allowed to grow up but stay middle grade, you’d be wrong. Harry Potter became YA, but it was such a phenomenon that no one cared.)

    1) If you are in spy school, you don’t get considered tardy or truant or even absent if you are on a mission.

    2) I take care to explain why Ben is chosen for his missions. He has so far only gone on missions that it makes sense for a kid to go on, and when it comes to SPYDER, the CIA is so compromised there is almost no one that can be trusted not to be a SPYDER agent.

    3) You’re right. These books are fiction. They are escapist. They are not to be believed as being even remotely realistically possible.

  3. Stu-
    Thank you for that explanation. It was interesting to understand a bit more about publishing, and it gave me a few more facts about your books to make my imagination of the book clearer. I really appreciate it.

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