Cover and plot reveal for Moon Base Alpha #3: Waste Of Space!

A lot of you have been writing to me, asking for details about MBA #3, so you’ll be pleased to know the time has come to reveal them.

First of all, here’s the cover, another amazing job by Lucy Cummins:

The tentative release date is April 24, 2018.

Now, the plot:

Someone at Moon Base Alpha has poisoned Lars Sjoberg. Lars Survives the attempt, and Dash is forced, against his will, to help investigate.  Unfortunately, the killer will do anything to protect their identity, which means Dash may find himself in serious danger once again.

What really intrigued me about doing this idea was that I thought it’d be fun to write a mystery where every single person at MBA had a motive for wanting the victim dead.  The more suspects, the more fun the mystery is.  And in this mystery I have more suspects than ever before.

Plus, there’s another element of danger at work.  But I’m not going to tell you what it is.  You’ll have to read the book to find out.

And, for those of you who have asked for more info about Zan Perfonic, you’ll get it in this book.  I promise.

But I’m not going to share any more about Zan.  Or anything else about the book.

Why?  Because the less you know about the plot, the more fun the book is to read.  I know it’s a long time until the book comes out, but it ought to be worth the wait.

(If you’re dying to pre-order it, you can do that now by clicking here.)

66 thoughts on “Cover and plot reveal for Moon Base Alpha #3: Waste Of Space!

  1. On the Amazon review for Waste of Space, it says this book is the final in MBA. Is this true, and if so, why?

  2. I have an idea for you! You could write a series based on all he worlds combing! But it shouldn’t have anything to do with the actual series. Please consider it. The main characters would have to solve a bunch of crazy mysteries by helping each other!

  3. Booklover –

    Sorry. No mash-ups in the pipeline. As far as I’m concerned, each series takes place in its own universe. Plus, MBA takes place in 2041.

  4. I suspect Nina, Chang, Dr. Janke, Dr. Kim, Kira, Kira’s dad, Lily Sjoberg, Patton Sjoberg, Sonja Sjoberg, Roddy Marquez, Dash, Violet, Inez, the other 6 yr old (forgot the name) Rose Harris, Steven Gibson ( r the last names mixed up?) Roddy’s Mom, Cesar, Roddy’s Dad, Daphne,Zan, and anyone else I forgot. 100% success rate?

  5. Will & Winston –

    My publisher seems to have let the cat out of the bag a little early. I am only going to have the MBA series run as a trilogy for now. However, I have some more exciting news tied to this that I will be posting about soon.

  6. i am stupid –

    Waste of Space is already written, so it’s a little late to be offering suggestions. Since MBB is not going to be built for another ten years, Dash will not be going there any time soon.

  7. Robert –

    There may be a new series in the future. Pay attention to my blog over the next few weeks for more details.

  8. I am your biggest fan! I read every single book you wrote. I am super excited to find out what Dash will do with the teleporting thingy. When can we estimate a book cover?

  9. Ilan –

    There already is a book cover. Go back a short way in my blog, or look under the books page on my site.

  10. “Everyone hated Lars. Even his own family”. That’s suspicious. From Space Case”Sonja is the real hothead in the family” (Dr. Marquez) From Spaced Out “Go get them Patton. Nobody messes with a Sjoberg”. Lars and Sonja had Lily and Patton sabatohe the equipment. There seems to be a case against Sonja. However did she do it, or did she have the kids do it.Just exploring her file. Othe possible subjects are Dr. Balkinov (Da, Balkinov) Nina, Daphne Merrit, Any body of the following: Marquez’s Gibson’s, Howard’s etc. In clouding Dashiell, Zan, and Lars.

  11. That’s wut I m saying. Just exploring Sonja. Now what about Lars. He could be framing someone or something. Zan somehow could’ve done it by making Lars commit suicide. Dash could have been mind controlled. The last 2 sentences were about that. Anybody could have done it.

  12. You should write MBA #4 about a theft at MBA and have Dash’s family’s mission be extended until MBB is built.

  13. How could Zan have poisoned him if she isn’t physical? Makes no sense. Unless Zan made him think he was poisoned, then she could have, but it couldn’t possibly have any impact on his physical body, only his mental state.

  14. I have to say Gibbs, it hasn’t even been a week and I’ve already read Space Case and Spaced Out. Your writing is probably one of the best forms of writing I have ever played eyes on. You have had me laughing the hole time when I read Self Defense With Pluming in Spaced Out. The plot line for both of your books are so interesting I can’t take my head out of the pages for five seconds. I have just Today finished Spaced Out. I would suggest ending your MBA saga with Dash solving one more case after Waste of Space, and having him and his family return to earth.

  15. I’ll be reading your blog over the next few weeks I’d love to see what you think of my Idea. If you already have something in mind for MBA, then I would like to know when it is appropriate for you to say so.

  16. Thank you for responding as quickly as you did. I can’t wait to here what your plans for MBA are. In the mean time while I wait for Waste of Space to be released, do you have any suggestions for some of your book you think I should read.

  17. I belive a good plot for a MBA book would be a murder or kidnaping attempt on Dash or Kira. Dash would then have to solve this case before the murder, or kidnapper decides to try again. I do hope you consider my idea. In case your wondering I live in Maryland sate in Bethesda. I am very fond of your books on MBA however I haven’t read spy school yet but I plan to while I wait for the next MBA book to be released. I am 11 years old and want you to keep writing the way you do. Your books are the best
    Yours Truly,
    Michael A.

  18. btw: don’t tell me to much about Waste of Space, in fact don’t tell me anything. Knowing about anything that happens in the book wiiiiiiiiiiiiiil make it a lot less fun to read, so don’t tell me nothing about anything in the book accept what you’ve alredy posted.

  19. Michael A –

    You should never ask an author which of his books he thinks you should read. Because the answer will be: All of them.

  20. thank you I understand. before Waste of Space comes out I plan to read your Spy School series and Belly Up. I have just bought the entire spy school series today and I am looking forward to reading it.

    Yours Truly,
    Michael A.

  21. Hello, Mr. Gibbs! I love all of your books, and have read them all! I always try to solve the mysteries, with the clues given, but I never can! Your characters are so interesting to read about, and I wish sometimes that they could exist in the real world… although it would be hard to meet Dash… he lives in 2041. Anyway, I have no suggestions or any ideas, because you’ve got it all under control, and I don’t think my ideas would work with your stories! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I’m preordering this book, and love your writing!

  22. P.S. I love reading about the animal facts in the Funjungle series! If only I could go to Funjungle in real life!

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