Cover and plot reveal for Moon Base Alpha #3: Waste Of Space!

A lot of you have been writing to me, asking for details about MBA #3, so you’ll be pleased to know the time has come to reveal them.

First of all, here’s the cover, another amazing job by Lucy Cummins:

The tentative release date is April 24, 2018.

Now, the plot:

Someone at Moon Base Alpha has poisoned Lars Sjoberg. Lars Survives the attempt, and Dash is forced, against his will, to help investigate.  Unfortunately, the killer will do anything to protect their identity, which means Dash may find himself in serious danger once again.

What really intrigued me about doing this idea was that I thought it’d be fun to write a mystery where every single person at MBA had a motive for wanting the victim dead.  The more suspects, the more fun the mystery is.  And in this mystery I have more suspects than ever before.

Plus, there’s another element of danger at work.  But I’m not going to tell you what it is.  You’ll have to read the book to find out.

And, for those of you who have asked for more info about Zan Perfonic, you’ll get it in this book.  I promise.

But I’m not going to share any more about Zan.  Or anything else about the book.

Why?  Because the less you know about the plot, the more fun the book is to read.  I know it’s a long time until the book comes out, but it ought to be worth the wait.

(If you’re dying to pre-order it, you can do that now by clicking here.)

66 thoughts on “Cover and plot reveal for Moon Base Alpha #3: Waste Of Space!

  1. I don’t know if I can wait until 2018! I absolutely love the MBA series. I NEVER WANT TO PUT THEM DOWN!!!!!!

  2. Stu-

    I just finished Spy School Secret Service (It was great), and I am hyped for MBA3 and FJ5, but do you possibly know when the next SS will come out? P.S. It’s my favorite series out of them all.

  3. OMG cant wait maybe there will be a moon base beta book because dash has solved so many things NASA has to put him on moon base beta but just a thought

  4. Will there be a girl named Holly in MBA 3 because when I read the first couple of pages of the second MBA there was a Girl named Holly who was going to take Garths Room, with her family. Is this correct or am I viewing my imagination.

  5. Robert –

    Well, there is a reference to girl named Holly who is supposed to be arriving at MBA… but who knows what might actually happen?

  6. i am so hyped
    this is the first time i am gonna pre order a book,cant wait
    but it is too bad that this is the last one

  7. it would be such a plot twist if zan was only a (spoiler removed) sent her because she could relate to dash

  8. KINKOZY –

    It would be a good twist. But the book is already written, so I can say that’s not happening. (I read your idea before cutting it out. Sorry, but I worry there are people on here who haven’t read the book yet.)

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