The plot of Big Game comes true: Some awful person just really killed a rhino in a French zoo

For those of you who don’t know, the plot of my book Big Game is about someone trying to poach an endangered rhino from a zoo, possibly to steal its horn.

Well, that has now happened in real life.  Yesterday, in a French Zoo near Paris, poachers broke in, killed a four year old rhino and stole its horn.  You can read the story by clicking here.  This is the victim:

I am devastated by this news.  When I came up with the idea for Big Game, it was because I actually had a fear that something like this might happen some day.  But I really hoped it wouldn’t.

The reason this happened is because the price of rhino horn is ridiculously high.  There are still horribly misinformed people out there who believe that rhino horn has the power to cure diseases such of cancer, even though that has never been proven.  (Rhino horn is made of keratin, which is the same stuff that your fingernails are made of.)  As long as there is demand for rhino horn, no matter how dumb the reasons, people will be killing rhinos.

One species of rhino, the African northern white rhino, will go extinct in the next few years.  There only three of them left in the world.

But there is also a decent chance that all species will be extinct in the wild soon, unless extreme action is taken.

If you want to help, I suggest you visit these sites and learn what you can do:

World Wildlife Fund

Save the Rhino



48 thoughts on “The plot of Big Game comes true: Some awful person just really killed a rhino in a French zoo

  1. Stu

    I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR BOOKS! But I have one question, how long will the FunJungle series go on for? (Reason I say this is because I love the FunJungle series and I wish it was a real zoo.)

  2. Stu

    I LOVE FUNJUNGLE! It’s the best series I’ve ever read, but how long will it go on for? I really want more!

  3. Miles –

    I have no idea how long the series will go on for. (And I wish it was a real zoo too.)

  4. “I wonder how maby I could like um save the rhinos and became famouse but like save the rhinos cause that would be awsome”.

  5. -Stu

    are you going to write any more books for the last musketeer series? or is three all your going to do

  6. Jonathan –

    We are very far from a FJ5 cover release — a giving a book release date. I haven’t even started writing the book yet.

  7. Matthew H –

    I don’t think there will be any more Musketeer books. If you go back through my blog history you can find a post explaining why.

  8. Mr. Gibbs,
    You should do a short one shot crossover between FunJungle and SpySchool. Lots of people would enjoy it, and I think that it would be cool. I know that you don’t take suggestions from readers, but I hope that you’ll consider it.

  9. -Stu

    First, I’m a huge fan but I know that you were born in Philadelphia but moved. Do you still visit Philly, from time to time?

  10. -Stu

    I have just finished reading Panda-Monium and I think it’s a great book.Funjungle is my favorite series. Is the next book going to have something to do with the Great Flight Cage because on the fun jungle map in the books it says opens next year.

  11. Zaine –

    I’m not sure about that great flight cage. Construction might have been pushed back due to the construction of the theme park.

  12. Oh no! I didn’t know rhino horns were so much of a big deal. I hope all rhinos are saved!

    I would also like to ask: Can there be a movie series for Funjungle? Not only is it a good series, but I get confused a lot when it comes to places in the books (for example, in Big Game, I had no idea where Teddy and Summer were when they found the hunter in World of Reptiles).

  13. Max –

    It is not so easy to get this to become a movie series. If someone in Hollywood decides to make it, though, I won’t stand in the way.

  14. I totally want to see your book series become a movie, but I don’t think it would be great material for a film. I don’t want to be rude, just being a young filmmaker, I don’t think this would have a great movie vibe to it. Also, the setting would be hard and to cooperate with the animals, real or CGI, would take forever. I obviously want this to be a movie, and would happily go see it in theaters, but I don’t think that would be the best movie.
    Spy School on the other hand…
    And I always imagined Marge would be African American. Just saying.
    On that note, could you please describe all the main characters, because I have a hard time imagining them. I guess that’s my imagination’s job.
    And for the FunJungle series, do you ever think that kidnapping or shooting at animals will ever get old? I love the stories, and they’re better everytime, but I don’t think this can be that interesting to write about 5+ times in over 300 page books.
    Are you going to switch it up in the future, like having FunJungle in danger of closing down because of all the mishaps and people keep releasing videos of the terrible things that have happened, and Teddy has to find whoever is doing this to save the zoo and his parents job’s?
    Sorry for the long message.

  15. Owen –

    Yes, you’re right, it wouldn’t be easy to make a FunJungle book a movie, but it could still be done.

    I do describe the characters in my books, but I don’t describe them in great detail because… yes, it’s your imagination’s job to fill in the rest. If you see Marge as African -American (or any other character, for that matter) I’m totally fine with that.

    As for keeping things fresh in the FJ series… you do realize that there have been many, many, many book series (and TV series) that were all about murders. That was the only crime that ever got solved. Murders. So it’s completely possible to keep something fresh and yet have the same crimes occurring over and over. But I’m going to shake things up in book 5 anyhow. You’ll see.

  16. Stu-

    I’ve been trying to find panda-monium, but haven’t found it anywhere.
    Any ideas where to find them?

    Also, is it true that your MBA book that will come out in 2018 is the last one in the MBA series?

  17. Mirabella –

    Panda-Monium should be available pretty much at every bookstore. If you call your local bookstore and ask them to, they will order it for you. Or you could go to the website for either Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

    Whether or not MBA#3 is the last MBA or not is classified.

  18. Simon –

    I am probably thinking of ideas for at least a year before I start writing. Then it takes between 3-6 months to write the first draft. And then I will edit the book many times over the next few months. So all told, about 2-3 years.

  19. Scroll to the top if you dont know what i men but doc daughter never went jail cause everyone kept the knowledge

  20. Can you make some connection between the beginning of the series (with Buck, Martin De Galdo, and other characters), the middle of the series (with TimJim, Vance, and other characters), and the recent times? For example: Vance, Buck, and Martin get out of jail, the koala comes back, and stuff like that. Basically something that links back to information from the previous books.

  21. Sorry, my comment doesn’t make much sense; I tried to make the most sense of it.

    Best wishes,


    ^ ?^

  22. P.S. – the ^ ?^ was supposed to be a face… Apparently the symbol in the middle (that got transformed into a question mark) was an.. image?

  23. Max –

    I have constructed the FunJungle series so that you don’t have to read the books in order. On occasion, I do refer to people from the past, but I’m not sure that I will bring back old enemies.

  24. I love the Spy School i thought it was my favorite but it turned out FunJungle was i read every book from the series every day. I think there should be a movie out of one of the series

  25. Stu-

    Awwwwww, when will your new books ever be in South-East Asia? I want to read them so badly 🙁 I know it’s quite a distance, but the libraries here said they will only be here like, I don’t know, a couple of weeks later? I’m sooooo exited, and will Marge continue to appear in all your Fun Jungle books next time? I really hope she will be, as I love her!!! Well, not exactly, but yeah, I like the hilarious ‘accidents’ that happen to her everytime!!! 🙂

  26. Cheryl –

    I wish I could get the books there faster. Where in SE Asia, exactly?

    Marge will definitely be back! And causing trouble as usual.

  27. There was a gap of almost 4 years between the release of Belly Up and Poached. When Belly Up was first published, did you have plans to revisit the FJ world?

  28. Also, by the way, when you visited Nicola’s books in Ann Arbor last month, you were a few blocks away from my house. Would’ve liked to stop by and get my book collection signed but didn’t have time.

  29. Simon –

    I had not planned a sequel at the time I wrote Belly Up. It was only after I was done that I thought it would be fun to revisit that world.

  30. I’m sitting here waiting for “Waste of Space” to come out. I was the first one to put a hold on the book. I live in Central California in Fresno, I wish you would come up there! Best wishes.

  31. Jesse –

    Thanks for being such a fan. Fresno isn’t all that far from me, but I’ve never been invited up there for school events.

  32. The last male rhino died.? There’s only two left but they’re both girls. Once they’re gone, that’s it.

  33. And elephants are killed for tusks just because it is made of ivory and can be used in jewelry.

  34. sorry my emoji (it was a sad face with a tear) turned into a question mark after i posted it

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