The plot of Big Game comes true: Some awful person just really killed a rhino in a French zoo

For those of you who don’t know, the plot of my book Big Game is about someone trying to poach an endangered rhino from a zoo, possibly to steal its horn.

Well, that has now happened in real life.  Yesterday, in a French Zoo near Paris, poachers broke in, killed a four year old rhino and stole its horn.  You can read the story by clicking here.  This is the victim:

I am devastated by this news.  When I came up with the idea for Big Game, it was because I actually had a fear that something like this might happen some day.  But I really hoped it wouldn’t.

The reason this happened is because the price of rhino horn is ridiculously high.  There are still horribly misinformed people out there who believe that rhino horn has the power to cure diseases such of cancer, even though that has never been proven.  (Rhino horn is made of keratin, which is the same stuff that your fingernails are made of.)  As long as there is demand for rhino horn, no matter how dumb the reasons, people will be killing rhinos.

One species of rhino, the African northern white rhino, will go extinct in the next few years.  There only three of them left in the world.

But there is also a decent chance that all species will be extinct in the wild soon, unless extreme action is taken.

If you want to help, I suggest you visit these sites and learn what you can do:

World Wildlife Fund

Save the Rhino



20 thoughts on “The plot of Big Game comes true: Some awful person just really killed a rhino in a French zoo

  1. this is just so sick…depraved…what a world we live in…pretty sure these animal poachers did not use Stuart Gibbs as inspiration.
    Stuart, thanks for highlighting the resources, a few years ago my daughter studied the black rhino in school, going to choose a charity that you highlighted to donate to, during the month of Lent.

    thanks for making us aware, we need to protect these animals.

  2. How Dare They! I have read a lot of Stuart Gibbs books books and I am a big Animals activist! Like Humans, Animals have feelings too. Some people are really stupid…

  3. I find it ironic how these people don’t even stop to think that their poaching will make it so there aren’t any rhinos left, meaning no horns. I hope these people get caught and go to prison for a long time. And at least at the bottom, the article said horns had been cut off some seven hundred rhinos. Cutting off the horns is good for the rhinos’ lives, at least.

  4. This is so devastating. I wish everyone in the world could listen to the reasons why people should stop killing rhinos (or any endangered animal).

  5. Winston –

    Sadly, these people are well aware that they are wiping the rhinos out. The fewer rhinos there are, the more each horn is worth.

  6. Hi –

    I am visiting the store only once, on the date I indicated on the schedule. The store will set up some school visits that day. Probably two.

  7. Man, I loved Big Game, i’ve read it almost a thousand times, but to see it come true, wow.

  8. Artem –

    Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation out there in the world. The best way to stop the poaching is education.

  9. Do you have any ideas about MBA 3? Also, will you ever show — SPOILER ALERT!!!! —Zans true form? ( the alien?) also how many books are planned for that series? It’s my favorite one.

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