Belly Up eBook is only $1.99 this March!

Hey Readers!

Have you been thinking, ‘Boy, I’d really like to get myself an electronic version of Belly Up, but I just don’t want to pay more than $2.00 for it?’  Well, you’re in luck!  For the month of March, Belly Up is being offered at a ridiculously low price… $1.99!

That’s right, for only $1.99 you can experience all the mystery, the mayhem, and the megafauna of Belly Up.  $1.99!  That’s less money than you’d pay for a soda!  Or a pack of gum!  Or, well, pretty much anything, really.

Click here to get it on Kindle!  Or click here to get it for Nook!

17 thoughts on “Belly Up eBook is only $1.99 this March!

  1. Hi Stu!

    You might not remember me, but I commented awhile ago. I also met you at the Brooklyn Book Fair two years ago. Honestly, I liked Evil Spy School better than Spy Ski School, so I hope to love Secret Service! I have two questions, are there any other of your books available for kindle? Also, are you going to another Brooklyn Book Fair?

  2. BenRipleyMeetsTeddyFitzroy –

    All my books should be available on Kindle — just not for $1.99. At this time, I don’t have plans to be at another Brooklyn Book Fair, but if they ask me to come to one, I will probably come to it.

  3. Stu –

    No offense, but you really need to update the home page. It’s still talking about Spy Ski School finally being in stores when, guess what, Panda-monium is now in stores!

  4. Kyle –

    Actually, Panda-monium is not in stores yet. (Not until 4/4.) But you’re right, maybe I should be getting people excited about Panda-Monium now.

  5. You’re possibly the only author that I don’t buy ebooks for, simply because at the pace I read it takes too long to go and buy another book haha

    This is pretty cool though, will this happen for Spy Ski School the month before Secret Service’s release?

  6. Matt –

    I have no idea if there will be any more deals like this in the future. My publisher sets them up, not me.

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