Barnes & Noble is printing an exclusive edition of Panda-monium!

Hey everyone!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you have probably seen a post like this before.  Barnes & Noble has printed really amazing exclusive editions of my last four books…

And now, they are making one for Panda-Monium as well.

What do you get with your exclusive edition?  SIXTEEN PAGES OF BONUS MATERIAL, for starters.  There’s some bonus fun stuff I wrote for this edition, along with an interview I did with WWF panda expert Colby Loucks.  And, if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a special-edition books jacket with a poster on the inside.

Now, I bet you’re thinking, “Boy, that sounds amazing, but I’m sure it must be an extra fifty dollars for all that great stuff.”

WRONG!  Believe it or not, the exclusive edition is actually CHEAPER than the regular edition — only $10.42! — but only if you act soon and pre-order it.

That’s right.  $10.42!  That’s ridiculously cheap.  B&N could have gone crazy and charged $10.43 for it, but they shaved that extra penny off because they care.

So how do you get it?  Easy.  Just click here.

You know you want it.  Look at this cover.  This cover alone is worth $10.42.  How can you resist it?

68 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble is printing an exclusive edition of Panda-monium!

  1. I was expecting this. Did you make a deal with them to make exclusive editions of all your future books? (And wow, cheaper than the regular?!)

  2. Stu-
    Isn’t it kinda funny how you wrote Belly Up before Spy School, yet the Spy School Series is now a book or so ahead of the FunJungle Series?

    How on Earth did that happen?

  3. Winston –

    B&N doesn’t make these deals that far in advance. I don’t learn whether or not they want to do it until a few months before the book is going to be published. So I can’t say if there will be more future exclusive editions (but I really hope there will, because I think they’re great).

  4. Kyle –

    Believe it or not, it happened because the British publisher wanted Spy School and Spy Camp to come out closely together. So S&S, my American publisher, said ok, and that was that.

  5. Hi, do you know when this offer expires? Also, do you know why on goodreads, some people already have written reviews on Panda Monium? Is Barnes and Noble the only way to get a copy right now?

  6. Sophie –

    I am not sure when the offer expires. You can pre-order the book lots of places (even your local bookstore) but the only place you can get the exclusive edition is B&N. Sometimes, people on Goodreads get advanced reader copies of books. Usually they are librarians or bookstore workers.

  7. Bobby –

    At this point, there are not going to be any more books in the LM series. I have a blog post about it from a few years back explaining the whole sordid tale.

  8. Stu-

    do you you already know what the next two books will be about in a series and when you’ll release them when you release a new book.

  9. Josiah –

    I don’t really know what the next two books in a series will be about, although I start to play with ideas when I am writing the previous book.

  10. Stu-

    I am a very big fan of your doings. I was wondering if there was a possibility that your fifth book in the FunJungle series is a bird book. The reason for this is because in your FJ books, there is a map that says “Great Flight Cage, Coming next year.” I hope that means you will keep on producing your books. Finally, in your second book, “Poached,” you made a typo on page 17. It was the sentence, “I tampered down the urge to call Vince a moron.” Either way, I am one of your biggest fans and I hope I can meet you in person one day!

  11. T-man –

    I know that great flight cage has been under construction for a while. It keeps getting delayed for other projects. I don’t really know what FJ5 will be about yet.

  12. Stu-

    Will Large Marge appear in Panda-monium. I would think, because she is one of my favorite characters! And about FJ5, I hope that one is produced. Yet at the same time I love the idea, “Waste in Space!”


  13. Stu-

    Can you tell me what “Waste of Space” is going to be about? Is Nina going to go back to Earth? Will another family be introduced to the Gibson Family. Is it another mystery?


  14. I Just finished “Space Case” and LOVED IT! It was my first book of yours and I couldn’t put it down. I am so sad to read about the Rhino’s, that makes me SO mad! I want to help make a difference and plan to save up to help too.

    I am so excited, I am going to be in Florida for spring break and plan to come to your book signing in Plantation. I am also worried because it looks like it’s only for 1 hour and I’m afraid there will be too long of a line and I’ll miss you. Will you stay longer if people are still waiting? We are going to drive 2 hours to get there.

  15. Josie –

    I will stay longer if there are people waiting. I only post that it will be an hour so that people don’t decide to show up three hours later and expect me to be there. Please come up and introduce yourself to me and tell me how far you have come for this. I will be happy to talk to you!

  16. When will Pandamonium be available in paperback? My son is very excited to read your new book, but he has the others in the series on paperback and being a tad Type A, he would like to own this one in paperback too. Ha! 🙂

  17. Yeah! Panda-monium is released today. I am probably going to go buy it tomorrow. I will have so much fun reading it!!!

  18. Stu –
    What do you think is the most awesome thing about FunJungle? I can’t decide.
    – Hades

  19. Miranda –

    Typically in the publishing industry, the paperback does not come out for a year after the hardback version. This is also the case with my books. Panda will be out in paperback around this time next year.

  20. Hades –

    It’s hard to figure out what the most awesome thing about FDJ is, but I know the least awesome thing… It doesn’t exist. Yet.

  21. I am in FL right now. I will be in ME for the summer and then in IN for the winter. Is there a possibility that maybe you can do a singing in IN next winter? I’m a huge fan of yours and want to meet you.

  22. Classified –

    IN as in Indiana? I don’t have any plans to go there next winter. But then, winter plans haven’t been made at all yet.

  23. Stu –
    Will Panda-monium be overly romantic ? I’d hate for that to get in the way of the story.
    – Hades

  24. Hades –

    It is a mystery, not a romance. Teddy and Summer aren’t going to be running toward each other through wheat fields in slow motion or anything like that.

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