Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: The title — and cover — of Spy School #5!

Hey readers!

I have been getting a lot of questions about Spy School #5.  In particular: ‘Does it have a title besides Spy School #5?’

It does!  And while I could just type it here, it’s more fun to reveal it this way, with the incredible cover designed, as usual, by my incredible designer, Lucy Cummins:

Amazing, right?  And, as usual, what you’re seeing here doesn’t even do it justice.  The actual cover has this cool, shimmery effect for the sunglasses.  It’s fantastic!

Now, I know what your next question is going to be: ‘When does it come out?’

The answer to that is… October 10, 2017.

And now, I know what your third question is going to be: ‘What happens in this book?’

All right, I will tell you.  But with a caveat:

This is all I am going to tell you about the book.  I know this will be frustrating to you, and that you will have more questions.  But I am not going to answer those questions, no matter how nicely you ask.  Because the more you know, the less fun it is for you to read the book.

So here’s the plot, in a nutshell: Ben is sent undercover into the White House to investigate a plot against the president.  As usual, things don’t quite work out the way anyone expects, and chaos and mayhem ensue.

Everything else is classified.  For now.

757 thoughts on “Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: The title — and cover — of Spy School #5!

  1. Have you ever considered Erica getting killed or having a new agent that is better than her in the books you have written?

  2. Awesome Books –

    There are lots of characters I enjoy writing: Erica, Alexander, Cyrus, Zoe, Murray… and that’s just the Spy School series.

  3. Warren –

    Why on earth would I ever kill Erica???? And no one could ever be a better agent than her. Except Ben, maybe.

  4. Hey mr Stuart! I have read all of the spy school books and two space books! I was just wondering if mike’s last name being brezin”ski” has anything to do with why he was in ski spy school or spy ski school….idk. Anyway is that just a coincidence?

  5. Sorry….I forgot this last question….

    Are the animal books like poached or big game in an animal or human point of view?

  6. Stu-
    I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I ment had you ever had the thought of have her die because of SPYDER or something like that?

  7. Billy Grant –

    Which of my own books? I don’t have a favorite. Of other people’s books? The Westing Game.

  8. Gabrielle –

    That’s a coincidence. I had no idea I would be doing Spy Ski School when I named Mike for Spy School.

  9. Warren –

    The answer is still the same. Why would I kill off Erica??? Why would I let SPYDER do that? I don’t really even kill off bad guys in my books, let alone one of my favorite characters.

  10. Hi! I just have one question: What happened to Erica’s mom? She was mentioned a few times in the series, but the books never told who she was and what happened to her.

  11. Stu-

    Will warren ever switch sides? I know it is a little far fetched but he is not exactly respected by others and is kinda forced to do things in Ben’s favor by Chip, Also what will happen to Zoe because in spy ski school she and Ben were talking about Ashley and how she liked Ben and all the stuff about Disney land(sorry this is so long) and hoe Ben would go to Disney world with Zoe and he does not like her and she then got upset, do what will happen

  12. Stu-
    Is Erica’s mum a spy too??
    (Most likely she is) When are you planning to tell us who she is? In book 5?

  13. Blazing Phoenix –

    Man, there’s been a whole bunch of Erica’s Mom questions lately. And the answer to all of them is: classified.

  14. Well, yeah. How long can one keep a parent’s identity secret, especially in a spy-in-training community?
    I have a couple theories and predictions…

  15. Hey Stu I just wanna say you left a very essential clue about SPYDER in Evil Spy School. You probably already know and have plans for it but I know more about SPYDER than most because I found this little piece of foreshadowing. Ashley may or may not have mentioned a head of SPYDER being someone who failed with Olympic Decathlon. Hint hint.

  16. Blazing Phoenix 23 –

    If I told you that Joshua would actually die, would you really be happy to know that information? Or would it spoil something for you (and every other reader?)

  17. Agent Jam –

    I really can’t accept suggestions for character names, plot points, or anything creative in my books.

  18. the legend27 –

    Part of the way that my series is differentiated from Alex Rider is that my characters don’t have special skills (except being smart) or special weapons. If they did have those things, this series would be just like Alex Rider.

  19. Stu-
    You are my favorite author! And I have one question:
    Will Mike get in to Spy School? Or will the School “brainwash” him like that magic pen in Men In Black?

  20. ha ha,
    do you know when you can preorder it on amazon?
    I have a kindle and I bought all your books and preordered pandemonium.

  21. Star –

    The CIA does not have MIB brainwashing technology. As for Mike’s status, that is currently classified.

  22. Director of Covert Affairs –

    Ben and Erica may very well go to a foreign country on a mission in future books.

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