Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: The title — and cover — of Spy School #5!

Hey readers!

I have been getting a lot of questions about Spy School #5.  In particular: ‘Does it have a title besides Spy School #5?’

It does!  And while I could just type it here, it’s more fun to reveal it this way, with the incredible cover designed, as usual, by my incredible designer, Lucy Cummins:

Amazing, right?  And, as usual, what you’re seeing here doesn’t even do it justice.  The actual cover has this cool, shimmery effect for the sunglasses.  It’s fantastic!

Now, I know what your next question is going to be: ‘When does it come out?’

The answer to that is… October 10, 2017.

And now, I know what your third question is going to be: ‘What happens in this book?’

All right, I will tell you.  But with a caveat:

This is all I am going to tell you about the book.  I know this will be frustrating to you, and that you will have more questions.  But I am not going to answer those questions, no matter how nicely you ask.  Because the more you know, the less fun it is for you to read the book.

So here’s the plot, in a nutshell: Ben is sent undercover into the White House to investigate a plot against the president.  As usual, things don’t quite work out the way anyone expects, and chaos and mayhem ensue.

Everything else is classified.  For now.

513 thoughts on “Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: The title — and cover — of Spy School #5!

  1. A.M.-
    Yes you have a chance to be a moderator in the community. You have to earn it though.

  2. HFF, I have subscribed to you on YouTube. Have you to mine? It’s pretty cool ? (your videos. That ice bath one!)
    Could the rest of you use the link to check out my channel? I think my first video is turning out good! It’s a stop motion of Ben and Erica.

  3. Bookworm, thanks! You are number 2. What’s your account? I will subscribe. Do you make videos? 🙂

  4. Agent_Undercover-
    No, you don’t have to subscribe, and with videos, not much, really.

  5. No, it’s really okay. But if you’re sure, okay. How is your Erica drawing? (Bet it’s turning out well) Also, I need suggestions for my YouTube name because it won’t show up. It should be a really uncommon username or last name. My current username is Agent_Undercover, and my “last name” is SMSpy (stopmotionspy, don’t ask why, long story). It would really help if someone had suggestions. 🙂
    Well, Bookworm, thanks for subscribing! I hope you’ll like my videos.

  6. Agent_Undercover-
    The Erica drawing is doing nice, though, it might be a bit before I can finish it. I have two other drawings plus a community that I’m working on.
    And names, I’m sorry, but I really can’t think of any. 🙁 But yeah, of course I’ll enjoy your videos 🙂

  7. Bookworm, no that’s okay! I wait to see your drawing! (No rush and no biggie) 🙂

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