Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: The title — and cover — of Spy School #5!

Hey readers!

I have been getting a lot of questions about Spy School #5.  In particular: ‘Does it have a title besides Spy School #5?’

It does!  And while I could just type it here, it’s more fun to reveal it this way, with the incredible cover designed, as usual, by my incredible designer, Lucy Cummins:

Amazing, right?  And, as usual, what you’re seeing here doesn’t even do it justice.  The actual cover has this cool, shimmery effect for the sunglasses.  It’s fantastic!

Now, I know what your next question is going to be: ‘When does it come out?’

The answer to that is… October 10, 2017.

And now, I know what your third question is going to be: ‘What happens in this book?’

All right, I will tell you.  But with a caveat:

This is all I am going to tell you about the book.  I know this will be frustrating to you, and that you will have more questions.  But I am not going to answer those questions, no matter how nicely you ask.  Because the more you know, the less fun it is for you to read the book.

So here’s the plot, in a nutshell: Ben is sent undercover into the White House to investigate a plot against the president.  As usual, things don’t quite work out the way anyone expects, and chaos and mayhem ensue.

Everything else is classified.  For now.

333 thoughts on “Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: The title — and cover — of Spy School #5!

  1. Agent Gymnast –

    The 17th is Houston, yes? I don’t know when I’ll be back there. Not for a while.

  2. In SS1, Alexander said that 1st year was the same thing as 7th grade. Did Erica go to public school? Was she home schooled? Or did the CIA accept her early?

  3. I have read the whole series multiple times! Every time I read it I find more clues. Is there actually a CIA training program? And in some of the books, it says that Erica dresses in all black, but Cyrus dresses in a warm up outfit. When do the other characters like Ben, Zoe, Warren, Chip, Jawa etc. wear? Sometimes I give this boy in my class the same Icey look like Erica does ?

  4. I think I figured out Bens 3 languages. English, Spanish because he said No halos ingles in spy ski school and in spy camp he said to Alexander Et tu which is French or Latin Idk maybe he only knew a little bit of French

  5. Agent Banana-
    I personally think Erica dresses in Black-Widow-style suits for efficiency and she probably looks great too. Cyrus…I don’t think they had that technology in his days, so he’s used to casual sportswear.

  6. Agent Banana –

    Those are all very good questions. Unfortunately, the answers to all of them are classified.

  7. Agent Banana –

    As far as I know, there is no CIA school for kids. The other kids dress more like normal kids. Jeans, t-shirts, that kind of thing.

  8. Zoe –

    Et tu is Latin, but he’s really just quoting Shakespeare there. Julius Caesar asks, ‘Et tu, Brutus?’ which means, ‘and you’? which is when he is revealing that he knows Brutus has betrayed him. Asking someone ‘et tu?’ to this day means you know they have betrayed you.

    Stu- in panda-monium we find out that Marge has a sister. Will we find out that someone has an evil or nice sibling in this book

  10. Hello! Will Ben ever travel to Korea? I’m pretty sure you mentioned a Korean BBQ grill somewhere in the SS series. Also, will we ever get background info about Ben’s friends?

  11. Agent Jam –

    I really don’t know if Ben will ever travel to Korea. We will learn more about Ben’s friends as the series goes along.

  12. At the top of ever page of my website is a list of pages and FAQ is one of them. Just click on it.

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