The boxed set of Spy School books is now in stores!

Have you ever said to yourself, “Man, I’d really love to buy the first three books of the Spy School series, but there’s no cool box to hold them all?”

Well, your prayers have been answered!  As of today, you can get beautiful brand-new copies of Spy School, Spy Camp and Evil Spy School in an equally-beautiful box!

Check it out:


It’s the perfect gift for any young reader — or any wanna-be spy — or anyone who simply admires a well-designed set of boxed books.

Available in stores and on-line as of today!

46 thoughts on “The boxed set of Spy School books is now in stores!

  1. Stu it is a Texas Blue Bonnet book I was so excited when I could tell everyone I read a Bluebonnet book. There are about 20. You vote on five of them. I obviously voted on Space Case.

  2. Ben-
    Two days? I couldn’t wait that long. It took me 5 hours.
    By the way Spy Ski School was great but the end, you are killing me, what is it with those mysterious endings. Is there another book in the series coming out?
    the biggest public library in Lancaster Pa. takes a while to get new books so I had to buy it.

  3. I agree with Olivia the mysterious endings are killing me! I actually finished it in 4 hours and started reading it the second I opened the package luckily I had already finished homework but even if I hadn’t I think I may have read anyway….

  4. -Books4life
    I read it right after I bought it and that was before I did my homework. Also who is Erica’s mom? Did I miss it in any of the books?

  5. Olivia, I think Justin answered you but basically nothing has been revealed about Erica’s mom so you did not miss anything. But I think Stu did hint stuff for future books.

  6. To Olivia(olive)
    Exactly, the way he said it means he might have something big planned or its just going to be really surprising or mind boggling. Anyway I can’t wait in till SS5 comes out!

  7. I am a Texan in a small town by Dallas called Wylie. I am going to read Space Case soon because I have loved the spy school series.

  8. Hello Stu I just started you spy school series and I read evil spy school and spy school. This was the first series I liked(and I’m 10). I really didn’t like belly up that much, I think you could’ve made the characters a bit more detailed, but I still love you books.

  9. Yours truly, the real Rick Riordan. I actually think All of stuarts ‘s books are better than mine

  10. Not much activity on this site, thought you might’ve moved off to just Twitter. Good to see you’re still here, however! ?

  11. Munch –

    I am replying to all comments on this site. And I changed the homepage for the holidays. (I have since changed it back.) I just haven’t blogged much because I am busy answereing everyone’s comments and writing new books.

  12. It has come to my attention to ALL of my students and myself that you include MANY inappropriate words in your books! I am so disappointed that these fabulous books have been tarnished by all of the bad words. I just do not understand why you would feel compelled to add this type of vocabulary!! These are CHILDREN’S books! What were you thinking!!

    Disappointed and Shocked

  13. Gloria –

    First of all, I must question your definition of MANY. There are, by most accounts, two mentions of the word ‘ass’ in Spy School, and due to response from readers, I did not include any more in my ensuing Spy School books. I have yet to hear from anyone that they have found anything offensive in any of the following three books in the series. I would not consider three words in four books to be MANY, but I understand your point.

    Now, in response to your question, ‘What was I thinking?’:

    This may be upsetting to you, but for the life of me, I had no idea that people still considered the word ‘ass’ to be offensive. It is out there throughout our culture: the movie ‘Kick-Ass.’ The Big-Ass Ceiling Fan Company. It didn’t seem to me that one synonym for ‘rear end,’ be it ‘butt’ or ‘derriere’ or ‘tush’ was any worse than any other. Both of my publishers, Simon & Schuster and Scholastic, seemed to agree. No editor ever flagged the word. It wasn’t until I got responses from concerned readers like you that I realized some people still took offense to that word. So I stopped using it.

    I even published a blog post about all this some time ago.

    I am sorry if I offended you.

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