Barnes & Noble is releasing an exclusive edition of Spy Ski School

So far, Barnes & Noble has done exclusive editions of three of my books: Evil Spy School, Spaced Out and Big Game.  If you’ve been lucky enough to get one of these, you’ve seen that they have lots of great stuff, like secret artwork on the inside of the cover, extra maps and lots of pages of bonus material, all for only a few cents more than the regular edition.

Well, now B&N is releasing an exclusive edition of Spy Ski School as well — and it has plenty of great stuff in it as well.  But here’s the best part:

Right now, it’s the exact same price as the regular hardcover!


That’s right: You get all the cool extra artwork and all the great bonus material for the exact same price.  So why not pre-order your exclusive copy today?

All you have to do is click right here.

Oh, and here’s one other potential bonus:  In the past, the exclusive editions have shipped early.  In fact, some readers got their exclusive edition up to two weeks before the regular editions were in stores.  Now, I can’t promise that will happen again, but if it did… Well, that’d be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?

55 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble is releasing an exclusive edition of Spy Ski School

  1. Welp, I finished the book too soon again… There’s one I always like about the book though, it’s always the front and back documents with some spaces darkened out. I try to fill in the blanks, and it adds to the suspense. I’ll be looking forward to your next book if the suspense doesn’t get to me first…

  2. I have used this book with both my kids and LOVE it. The recipes are easy to make, and are delicious. The beginning of the book gives suggestions on when to introduce certain foods, nuriiittonal requirements for each age, and much more. I found it to be alot more informative than most of the other books on this subject I picked up.Making baby food is so much cheaper than buying it!!!

  3. Easter –

    Um… I don’t recall putting any recipes for baby food in this book. Are you sure you read Spy Ski School?

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