Exclusive Collector’s Edition of Spaced Out available at Barnes & Noble

Remember how, last year, Barnes & Noble printed exclusive editions of Evil Spy School and Big Game, with lots of great extra bonus material, and they were really awesome?

Well, there’s now an equally-awesome exclusive edition of Spaced Out!

First of all, check out the special cover.  Oooh!  Shiny!


Even better, if you take the cover off, there’s a bonus promotional poster for Moon Base Alpha inside.

And there’s other great bonus material too, like more promotional materials from Moon Base Alpha, and an interview with Garrett Reisman, former astronaut and current director of crew operations at SpaceX.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Wow.  That special edition probably costs a million dollars.”

Well, you’re wrong.  In fact, right now, if you pre-order a copy, it’s only $9.65.  Don’t believe me?  Click here for proof.

Supplies are limited.  And this deal won’t last forever.

Also, even though the book isn’t officially out until April 5, I have received reports from avid readers claiming that they have already received their copies.  So maybe you’ll get your copy early too.


74 thoughts on “Exclusive Collector’s Edition of Spaced Out available at Barnes & Noble

  1. What’s this about Moon Base Alpha OPENING? That’s so cool! Is it really, and will there be something related to the MBA series to celebrate?

  2. who? there is a lot of people in the list of comments. unless someone is just using different names every time but I highly doubt that is happening.

  3. Is there going to be another MBA book, I would love to have another book I love the series and hope there is going to be another one

  4. Stu-

    In MBA they talk about how terrible the freeze dried food is, now I assume it isn’t the greatest however their in the year 2041. Now if you look at a lot of space videos of like Chris Hadfeild making a peanut butter and honey sandwich it looks and sound pretty good and he talks about in the video how far they have come with their foods in just 20 years, so I mean if this is the food now, it will probably be like 50% better within about 20 to 30 more years, right?

  5. Kate –

    I’m not sure how much better space food is going to get. I think Hadfield might be presenting a rosier version of it right now than other astronauts are. And even though it’s better, that still doesn’t mean it’s good.

    Finally, eating space food for a few weeks in space might be ok. Eating it for years on a moon base is something else.

  6. Yeah your probably right, I like to think it’s still a little better than presented in the book though 🙂

  7. Hai Stu!

    I LOVE your Moon Base Alpha series. I am trying to get my reading teacher to do a book club for your book, and it will hopefully work! Your characters have a great personality, and your books are SUPER enjoyable! Another person has said this, but you should definitely make a series clash of some sort. I’m very excited for Waste of Space! I can’t wait until the next year, and maybe even a fourth MBA book!

    Your #1 fan,

  8. hi Stu
    I have a friend called Keira and when we saw Kira’s name in Space Case, we both laughed like crazy!?(even though it’s different spelling

  9. Agent K –

    I have not started FJ5 yet, and even once that happens, I probably won’t have a title until I am finished.

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