Big news about Spy School #4 — and the spy school series overall

Here’s that big update on Spy School #4 I’ve been promising for a while.

To start with, here’s the cover (once again, done by the immensely talented Lucy Cummins):


As you have probably deduced, this one involves a mission at a ski resort.  Why a ski resort?  because when I was growing up, it seemed that every James Bond movie had a really amazing ski sequence.  They haven’t done them quite as much with the Daniel Craig Bonds (though there was a scene on a ski mountain in Spectre) but it always seemed that the glamor and action of skiing was a big part of the spy world to me.  So I decided to let Ben and Erica go to the mountains.

Here’s what I can reveal of the plot: Since Ben has proven himself on previous battles against SPYDER, he has now been approved for his first official mission, Operation Snow Bunny.  His assignment: Become friends with Jessica Shang, the daughter of a suspected Chinese crime boss, and find out all of her father’s secrets. Jessica wants to go to ski school in the Rocky Mountains, so Ben is sent to join her — along with Erica, Zoe, Jawa, Warren and Chip.  Yes, all Ben’s pals get to join him on this one, too.  (Cyrus and Alexander hale will be along to run the show.)

Only, things don’t go nearly as well as planned.  There’s plenty of complications, rivalries, plot twists and near-death experiences.  I don’t want to reveal much more, because I don’t want to ruin the story for you, so if you write posts or emails begging for more details, I’ll probably tell you all that is classified.  But I can assure you this book will have all the action, humor and continued character development you’ve been asking me for.

The book hits stores on October 11.  Though if you’re desperate to pre-order it, you can do that by clicking here.

More news: For those of you who are upset you’ll have to wait 18 months in between spy school books, you won’t have to wait as long for the next one.  Spy School #5 will be out in fall of 2017.

And while I’m at it, here’s one last piece of big spy school news: This fall, a boxed set of the first three Spy School books will be released.  If you haven’t checked out the series yet, this would be a great way to start.  And if you already have the books, well… this would make a great present for someone who hasn’t.



The boxed set wil be in stores on October 4th.  But you can pre-order it by clicking here.

360 thoughts on “Big news about Spy School #4 — and the spy school series overall

  1. Curious con artist –

    Do you think Erica would ever admit that she had kissed Ben because she wanted to?

  2. mike needs to be in the next mission and erica and ben needs some time alone if you catch my drift

  3. How many books will there be! I hope it’s 100! What about Erica’s mom and will there be more of the (not going to spoil it) Cough*Erica*Cough*Bomb*Cough*Ben

  4. How many books will there be? I hope it is 100! Does Nina and Erica have any connection? Like are they inspired by the same person? Will there be a more Erica and Ben stuff. And what is Erica’s back story about her mom?

  5. Agent Banana –

    I don’t know how many books there will be. Nina and Erica are not inspired by the same person. The answers to your other questions are classified.

  6. As said in book #4, Erica and Ben have only a 50/50 chance of getting together. I am full of questions though.
    What is the deal with Erica and her mom?
    Will SPYDER rise again?
    Could Mike and Zoe become a couple?
    If so,could Erica and Ben and Mike and Zoe go on a double date?
    What is operation muskrat?
    How many books will there be?

  7. Agent Awesome –

    All answers to your questions about the future of Spy School are classified. Except this one: I don’t know how many books there will be.


  8. Stu and Agent Awesome-

    The future of Ben is Spy School secret service where Ben is on a solo mission to stop spyder trying to assassinate the president.

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