Boxed sets of my books are now in stores!

Troubled by which one of my book series to start first?  Well, now you don’t have to worry any more — because you can get the first edition of all three series at once!  That’s right, Belly Up, Spy School and Space Case are now all available in one handy set: Astronauts, Spies and Hippopotami, the Stuart Gibbs Starter Collection.  Plus, they come in a beautiful, hand-crafted carrying case!  (Otherwise known as a box.)  Check out how beautiful it is!  (And click here to order one.  Or two.  Or twelve.)


Or, are you dealing with a different conundrum: You want to buy all the books in the FunJungle series, but you wish there was a beautiful, hand-crafted carrying case for them as well. (Or, at least, a box.)  Well, your problem is solved, because there is now a FunJungle Collection as well.  Click here to order yours today!



Both sets are perfect for holiday gifts, or for simply putting on your fireplace mantle and inducing gasps of awe and jealousy from your houseguests.

For those of you who are Spy School fans, there are no boxed sets for that series at the moment.  But there might be soon.  Stay tuned…

71 thoughts on “Boxed sets of my books are now in stores!

  1. Olive –

    I plan things out pretty rigorously. Though I try to stay open-minded in case I think of a change or two the might work in progress.

  2. I realized I haven’t commented in a while. I NEED LOTS of bookshelves… There are sooooo many books I need to buy from my 3 fav authors (1 beings Stuart Gibbs of course :P) and of course I’m broke. Spent my Allowance on Anniversary gifts for my parents- so i need to earn $$ to get more books an bookshelves. I seriously wish I had a personal library to fill with books.
    And YES, Texas drives are HORRIBLE!! In Europe, you drive a day and you’re in another country- drive a day in Texas and you barely make it past the state border(its like your trapped!!!!) I’m in central Texas, the dead middle.

  3. Stu-
    I got the first comment on your first post ever!
    Never knew you had 22 pages of posts! That’s a LOT of posts!
    Also, how much fan art have you received? How much fan mail?

  4. Joseph –

    I didn’t realize I had that many posts either. Obviously, my first dates back to the days when there weren’t that many people checking out my site.

    I get a decent amount of fan art and fan mail, which is always very much appreciated. Although I get far more emails.

  5. Stu-
    I was wondering if you were going to make a new spy school series and also I was so excited to realize that you put a panda as the animal for FJ#4. I love pandas so much and after reading Belly Up I was like OMG HE DEFINITELY NEEDS TO MAKE A PANDA BOOK! I hope that Large Marge is the criminal, I always loved how dumb she was but it would be like a dream come true if she was the one. Oh yeah by the way, FJ is my favorite series and Big Game was my favorite. I like how you always put little evidence of who the criminal but you never think anything of it, but at the end your like BAM! it was like the completely different person than you thought it was.

  6. Stu-
    I think that large Marge should become teddy’s friend in funjungle#4.
    In #3 at the end teddy feels sorry for large Marge when she is crying. Maybe he
    Becomes his friend. Just a thought.

  7. I still want Large Marge should still be mean because isn’t that always one of the main parts of the story?

  8. NOTE: The most convenient idea EVER. You’d think to buy such great books, hardcover, it would cost you a fortune. But now, it’s less, and comes in a beautiful hand-crafted carrying case ( I refuse to call it a box. A box is a box. A hand-crafted carrying case is styled and awesome). Can’t wait to get Spaced Out and Spy Ski School!

  9. I LOVE all you books. I just finished the Funjungle series today. I think you should know that snakes are typically considered venomous, not poisonous. ( I knew wahat you meant though : )

  10. Stuart I’m wondering have you ever been thinking of making a knew series or making books with older characters because your books are just as good as John Grisham. If U could make a older character I could see you on the front cover of times!


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