First look at Space Case’s Moon Base Alpha!

It’s only about a month until the launch of ‘Space Case’!

I have just received my first copies of the book, and it looks absolutely awesome. I know I’ve posted the cover image here before, but here’s the book itself (with a bit of a ‘2001: A Space Odyssey reference’)  If you don’t know the reference, go ask your parents and they will explain to you why this picture is so clever and hilarious.



The photo still doesn’t quite do it justice, as you can’t see the sparkliness of it.  (I should point out that the book does not come with adoring apes.)

I should also point out that the first reviews have started to come in and that Kirkus gave the book a starred review!  What’s that? you ask.  Well, it’s very good.  Just imagine that Kirkus is the most important book-reviewing company in the world, and that, rather than use a system of 1-5 stars like many people do (like Amazon and Goodreads) where one star means ‘crappy’ and 5 stars means ‘excellent’, Krikus only uses one star.  You can still get a perfectly good unstarred review from them (which I have) but a star means ‘really, really good’.

Finally, here’s a sneak peak at the inside of the book itself.  For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few months, Space Case takes place in… space.  On the moon, to be exact.  On Moon Base Alpha, to be even more exact.  And since Moon Base Alpha is so important to the story, a map had to be done of it.  So, here it is…



Excited yet?  It’s coming.  And keep an eye here for details about the cities I’ll be visiting!

38 thoughts on “First look at Space Case’s Moon Base Alpha!

  1. Hey Stu! I really love the cover, and I love the picture! And I also have a few questions for you. So, I know I see a school, but will Dash and the other kids learn about traditional things or more unconventional things like, say, “Lunar rover driving 101”? Also, when the doctor dies, will Dash investigate alone, or with someone else? Will his parents help him, or not? Oh, and if you don’t mind, here are some random Evil Spy School Questions (I couldn’t find the other post). I read a nice Synopsis of it on Amazon, but I have some questions. So if Ben is an unofficial mole for the CIA, why should Ben worry about being caught? Because technically it’s just a security breach right? And also, while he is home, does he do anything other than nothing(or whatever you do when you get kicked from a secret spy school)? Lastly, does Ben ever get accepted back into Spy School? I know you can’t answer most of these because of spoilers, but that’s okay, and I’ve got an idea for you. You should reference each of your books in the other books, for example, have Ben crack open a copy of Belly Up. I just thought of this and thought it would make a cool little web of connections between all your books. I don’t know about that, but anyway I hope you can answer my questions and I totally look forward to Space case! 🙂

    Your Huge Fan,
    P.S- Do you know if you can be in the DFW area?

  2. Justin –

    To answer your space case questions:

    The school is a traditional school. Or at least, as traditional as a school on the moon can be.

    Dash will have some help from another kid as he investigates, and his parents will be of some help as well.

    As for your Evil Spy School questions, I’m a little confused about the first two. So I guess I’ll say this: If you’re a mole in an enemy organization, you should always worry about being caught. And you should probably worry even more if you’re not sure whether the CIA is backing you up or not.

    As for the second two questions, Ben does do some stuff when he’s back home — but I don’t want to spoil it.

    And I can’t answer that last question, again for fear of spoiling the good stuff.

    Finally, I suppose I could work my own books into the other books, but I feel like that might be a little too obvious on the page. (In a movie, you can sneak a copy of your books into the background. But in a book you have to just put it right out there in the text, which isn’t very subtle.)

    Oh, and I still don’t know if I’ll be in DFW anytime soon.

  3. Hey thanks for answering most of my questions. I think I should explain my logic behind the ESS question you were confused on. So what I’m thinking is this, the CIA has not officially made Ben a mole. Therefore, instead of being say a mole feeding them information, he is just a normal student who gives a security leak. Of course, it is a higher level security leak, but it is a security leak, which of course could “accidentally” happen to any of the students. So Ben shouldn’t be worried, because if they find out that Ben told the CIA info., he could just claim it was an accident, say leaving some files on a desk or something. And while SPYDER could do tons of bad things to him like kill him, they should only punish him severely at the most, because it was only a security leak at most (again, they have no proof that he is purposely feeding the CIA info.). I don’t know if I’m right or wrong, but this is what is going on in my mind and I hope you can set me straight. I also have some questions for you on Space Case and once again ESS (sorry). Anyway, how have they figured out gravity, or to put it in other words, how have they figured out how to do things without everything floating away? Also, how did they (the U.S.) get enough air supply and money to send enough people to the moon and build that huge thing? And lastly, why is there only one bathroom in the whole place :)?Some questions for ESS are…. Will Ben have a way to communicate with Erica, say a Bluetooth? And will his friends at Spy School appear in the book? Thanks for everything, and I hope you can someday come down here and visit the DFW area.

    Your Huge Fan,

  4. Justin – Seems like you are making a distinction between whether or not Ben is leaking information from SPYDER on his own or officially doing it for the CIA. I don’t think SPYDER would make this distinction. If they caught Ben leaking information, that’d be bad for Ben.


    1) In Space Case, they haven’t figured out how to deal with gravity. The moon’s gravity is one sixth of earth’s, which is a problem. (Though things won’t float away. They just won’t weigh as much.)

    2) The base is funded by multiple countries and outside investors, and they have the ability to extract oxygen from minerals on the moon. (Though this isn’t easy, so what little air they have is recirculated.)

    3) There is only one bathroom because bathrooms are very difficult to build in space, so they have one communal one. (Which is annoying to all the inhabitants.)

    4) Can’t tell you about Ben & Erica communicating. But yes, some friends from Spy School will appear.

  5. Dear Mr. Gibbs

    Some questions–
    Is space case going be a lot like belly up? Will there be major differences?
    In Evil Spy School, you’ve already said Elizabeth will be seen. Will Dirk the jerk make an appearance too?
    P.S. Awesome 2001 reference!

  6. Asmymixix –

    Space Case is going to be a mystery featuring a 12-year-old protagonist, like Belly Up, and it is also going to work some cool science into the story, but other than that, the stories are pretty different, seeing as one takes place on the moon. So it’s a bit of science fiction. But if you liked Belly Up, I think you’ll like Space Case too.

    As for Dirk the Jerk… Hmmm. Maybe.

  7. Thanks for answering! However, I think you misunderstood my first question. I meant, that will the main characters have similar personalities, or, will the way Dash investigates be the same…

    Oh, and about how long will Evil Spy School and Space Case be?

    Your Fan,

    P.S: Any ideas on Belly Up 3 yet…

  8. Asmymxix-

    Well, I di try to make my characters all have different personalities, but I guess there are some similarities between Teddy and Dash. Not just any 12-year-old is going to investigate a crime after everyone else has told him to back off.

    As for the book lengths… They’re all in the 300-350 page range.

    I do have ideas for Belly Up 3. But I’m not quite ready to share them yet.

  9. Okay, two last questions! On the map, there is a tourist suite, currently inhabited by the Sjoberg family. Will they be major characters? And when will you show us the ES3 cover?

    Your Fan,

  10. Asmymxix –

    Yes, the Sjobergs will be major characters.

    And I’m working on when the ESS cover will be released. The publisher doesn’t want it getting out too soon. Although it’s super-cool. I promise.

  11. Hey Stu! This is just a random question that I have, but I’d like to know the answer to it. Anyway, so basically there’s this show on a YouTube channel called “REACT”. In this video here :; there is a video featuring a kid named Dash. So, I checked and found out that that boy looks very similar to your kid, who of course is named Dash. So is your kid doing videos for this channel, or is this all just a big coincidence? I hope you can answer this, and I look forward to Space Case.

    Your Huge Fan,

  12. Oh, by the way, I noticed something strange in your books. In Spy School, the name Xavier Gonzalez is mentioned briefly as a high up CIA operative. In Poached, Xavier is the name of Teddy’s friend. Intentional?

    Your Fan,

  13. Hi! I am so excited for ESS and for Space case! Space and the moon are like the coolest things in the world for me!! I am actually taking an astronomy course this year because I love this kind of stuff so much! Thanks for writing all of these series’s!! These are my favorite books in the world! I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  14. Hey Stu! Got another question for you. So, When Writing, how do you know a story or book is too long? Like how do you know when to cut it short because you’ve been babbling on about things? Oh and one more question for my curiosity, roughly, do you know how long your books are, in words? Hope you can answer these questions, and I greatly look forward to Space Case (only 7 more days! 🙂 )

    Your Huge Fan,

  15. Justin –

    As a rule of thumb, just about everything can usually be made shorter. If you are reading something you’ve written and have any sort of feeling that it might be too long, then it’s probably too long. Making cuts can be tough, but it’s usually for the best.

    I had to look up how long my books were to answer this next question, because I never knew before: The draft of FunJungle 3 that I’m working on is 71,000 words. (Though I’ll probably cut quite a few of them in the next pass.)

  16. Hey Mr.Gibbs! I was just wondering about the Last Musketeer series. Will there be any more books in it? If so, then what will it be about?

    A fan of your books,

  17. Mr. Gibbs,

    One more question, will Dash have an accomplice in his missions around the station? You know, like a side kick or something?

    Your friend,

  18. Mr.Gibbs,

    I noticed that at the end of every one of your books, it mentions that you have two children named Dashiel and Violet. In space case, the main character is Dashiel and he has a little sister named Violet. Did you do that on purpose?


  19. Caiden –

    Good sleuthing! Yes, I named the lead characters in Space case after my children. (And if you read my other books, you can find other characters named after them as well.)

  20. Eric-

    Hi Mr. Gibbs, I really want to know is there going to have a second book to space case. The first one was really good

  21. Hey stu I was wondering if and when the sequels to the fun jungle books will come out. I really loved poached and according to the ending there will be another book. So as I told you before I hope these books become movies or tv shows.

  22. Dillon –

    The next book in the FunJungle series, Big Game, will be out on October 13, 2015. Not sure when the next book will come out. (Spring 2017, maybe?) I haven’t started work on it yet.

  23. Eliot –

    As described in the book, they are extremely white, Nordic people. Blond hair, pale skin, that sort of thing.

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