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The best thing about being a middle grade author is getting to meet your readers.  It is amazing and rewarding to get to simply interact with young, avid readers, to visit them at their schools and answer their questions.  But every once in a while, one of them will go the extra mile and do something quite amazing and flattering.

For example, there’s Justin, who has created a whole blog about his favorite books, with a large concentration on mine.  Justin obviously has excellent taste in books and I am very thankful to be honored on his blog in such a nice way.

I’ve also had some nice reviews on kids’ websites that are devoted to other authors as well.  Like Maci & Zoe Read Books which not only has great reviews and author interviews, but is also an extremely good-looking and well-put-together website.  Much better than mine, in fact.

And then there are the book trailers, like this one for Spy School.  Not only does this make my book seem amazing, I feel it puts a lot of trailers for this summer’s movies to shame.

Finally, there’s the wonderful speech that was given to me by students Dynasty and Jeremiah when I received my Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Award, which I will simply insert below.  You should be aware that I was completely surprised by the quiz at the end, which was given to me in front of several hundred people.  Luckily, I didn’t completely embarrass myself, although I did get a few questions wrong.  (How could I have not known that a group of hippos is called a ‘bloat’?  Shame on me!)  And it’s definitely worth checking out the excellent joke at the end.




9 thoughts on “Good stuff from young readers

  1. Hey Stuart! I just wanted to thank you for giving me the shoutout. I will always keep diverting readers of my blog to yours. I hope you keep writing and have a fun and succesful time doing it.

    Thanks so much,
    P.S- I just finished the reading challenge, and I got the free copy of Spy School this weekend! Congratz on making the promo!

  2. Justin –

    You already finished the reading challenge? It just started this week, didn’t it? Way to go!

  3. Yea I did, I read lots of books, so all I had to do was fill them out. Thanks again for the shoutout, and I will always keep blogging about you. I also wrote a prediction about Evil Spy school, and I was wondering if you could give me a comment(in my comment section) about what could be changed? Like not give away the whole thing, but maybe make my prediction closer to the book? Well, that’s all I wanted to say
    Your Huge Fan,

  4. Hi Mr. Gibbs,
    I just wanted to let you know that at my local Barnes and Noble, on the back of Belly Up, the cover of poached is the old one. The one that’s brown.

    Your Huge Fan,

    P.S. When will the cover for Evil Spy School be out?

  5. Al –

    That’s not just a B&N thing. All covers of Belly Up, for right now, have the old Poached cover on them. I think my publisher forgot to change it.

    The cover for Evil Spy School will be out soon. I can’t wait to share it. The early drafts I’ve seen have looked awesome.

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