Want to get a FREE copy of Spy School from Barnes & Noble this summer? Here’s how!

I am thrilled to announce that Barnes & Noble has selected Spy School as one of the books they will be using as a reward in their Summer Reading challenge this year!  Getting your free copy isn’t just easy — it’s also fun.  All you have to do is:

1) Be a kid.  (I believe their official definition for this is someone in grades K-6, and not someone who merely acts like a child.)

2) Read 8 books.  Any 8 books you want.

3) Download their reading journal (click here for it) and record your books.

4) Bring the journal in to any Barnes & Noble.

5) Get your free book!

That’s it!  You get a free book just for reading eight other books and doing a little paperwork.  How great is that?

The program starts May 22 and runs through September 2 (I think).  Want more details?  Just click here.


And if all that wasn’t cool enough, there’s been plenty of other great stuff going on:

First of all, a few weeks back, I had the great honor of not only receiving the Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Award for Belly Up, but I also got to finally meet the fantastic Sharon Draper, my co-winner and author of Out Of My Mind, Tears of a Tiger and plenty of other great books.  (What do authors do when they have a free afternoon together?  Well, if they’re in Hershey, Pennsylvania, they go to Chocolate World.)


Then, I learned that Belly Up has been nominated for Minnesota’s Maud Hart Lovelace book award.  (In both age categories!)

And then I learned that Spy School has been nominated for a Virginia Reader’s Choice Award.

And then, good reviews for Poached have been pouring in from around not just the USA, but other countries as well.  Like Canada!  Check out this awesome podcast.  (Admittedly, it’s not just about my book, but it’s still worth a listen.)

Plus, I’ve been visiting readers and book stores all over the place, from San Diego to St Paul, Milwaukee to Philadelphia, Chicago to San Francisco.  It’s been great to meet so many young, excited readers!  (Although now, I have to get back to writing books again.)

13 thoughts on “Want to get a FREE copy of Spy School from Barnes & Noble this summer? Here’s how!

  1. OMG!!!!! Ive always wanted to get a cheap way of getting your books, and I think I just found it. i can’t believe this real!!!! I read about a book a day, and 4 books over the weekend, so this should only take me a few days to earn. This is SO AWESOME!!!!! I have a question about this though, Can you do it only once, or can you do it multiple times?You continue to suprise me, and I will most definetely do this challenge.
    Also, Ive been inspired by you to write, so i found a new way that doesn’t hurt my hand. Im going to be blogging like you. it’s called JustinTalksBooks.blogspot.com. I was wondering if, in your next post, you could give me a shoutout? I know you’re asked this question probably a ton of times, but i was just wondering.
    Your huge fan,
    Justin (and yes, im in the 6th grade, so i qualify)

  2. Justin –

    I’m not sure exactly what the details are at Barnes & Noble on how many times you can cash in on the free book deal. I suppose you might have to ask at your local B&N.

    Great to see that you’re blogging. I do get a lot of requests for shout-outs, but since you gave me one on your blog, I figure I should reciprocate.

  3. Ok cool, I know everybody asks for a shoutout, But i’m glad that you picked me. Oh, by the way, if you can, I’ve started another blog called JustinTalksStuGibbs.blogspot.com, dedicated to mainly you, so if u can, please shout that out too, because mainly everybody who visits this blog likes you, so i thought you’d like to know that. So choose which one you’d like to shoutout (or both) and please do that. I thank you so much and congratulate you on your amazing, well-deserved award.
    Your Huge Fan,

  4. Ok, whatever you want is cool. Just keeping posting what you want, and I’ll just give you more recognition. Hey, I was wondering if you and me could maybe do a back and forth thing? Like I can Get more people to my more of your books via your blog. And you could send more of your viewers to me? I know it’s a long shot, but please consider it. And remember, I’m already grateful for the one shoutout, and don’t think in any way that I’m pushing it.

    Your Huge Fan/Blogger,

  5. Its soo awesome how many awards all your books have been getting! YAY! 🙂 They deserve them too! Me and my sister are rushing to read as many books as possible to get this awesome B&N deal! 😀 Thanks for featuring it! It made my day! Gotta get back to reading! 😀

  6. Hi –
    My son LOVES your spy books and said Spy Camp ended in a cliffhanger…any chance there will be a third down the road?

  7. I just recently read Spy School, and i just finished Spy Camp this morning on my way home from the airport. I can’t wait for book 3 to come out!!!!!! could you post a preview soon? I’m really happy that you got an award! The people who awarded it to you must have great taste! I think Spy School is a great way to introduce people to your books, as Spy Camp was the first book I read of yours. It was the the book that I chose for free at B&N. Keep me posted on how book 3 is going!

    Yours Truly,
    Allie ????

  8. Allie –

    It might be a while until I post a preview of Evil Spy School (I’m still promoting Space Case at the moment) but I’ll do it as we get closer to the launch date.

  9. Ethan –

    Haven’t had any tours to Winnipeg — or Canada, for that matter — but if I’m heading your way, I’ll post it here for sure.

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