Belly Up in stores!!!

I’ve been writing ever since I was a kid.

When I was young – maybe just six or seven – I’d go into bookstores, find the alphabetical slot between ‘Gia’ and ‘Gic’ where my name would go and imagine a book written by me there.

I lost sight of that dream for a while.  I’ve still been writing – but for movies and TV.

And then, one day, about two years ago, this awesome agent named Jennifer Joel from the book department of my agency reached out to me and asked if I’d ever considered writing young adult fiction.

I jumped at the chance.

And now, I have in my hands the first copy of ‘Belly Up.’  It’s awesome.

I have to give props to my editor Courtney Bongiolatti and designer Lucy Cummins at Simon & Schuster.  They did an amazing job on this book.  It looks better than I’d ever imagined.

Of course, if you’d like the experience of holding your own copy of ‘Belly Up’ in your own hands, fear not… You can get it next Tuesday, May 18.

Assuming there isn’t a massive run on the bookstores and they all sell out.  If I were you, I’d get there early just to ensure I get a copy.

Or ten.

34 thoughts on “Belly Up in stores!!!

  1. Yeah Aiden great lengths

    Btw Justin’s twenty point question was your wife’s name, he might be stalking you Stu!

  2. I was just looking at all of the posts because I got bored and wanted to have some nostalgia because why not

  3. Now there are 9 Spy School books, 6 FunJungle books, 3 Moon Base Alpha books, 3 Last Musketeer books, and 2 Charlie Thorne books! Ah, memories…

  4. Stu –
    Kinda weird looking at the old blog posts. So if you still answer stuff here, I want to ask: What things did you work on before Belly Up?

  5. Stu-

    Wow this post is real old. Stu, do you still check if people post all the way down here, and do you get notified?


  6. Stu, I feel like I’m going back in time to the year this was posted; it’s so weird to think how old this is. I wasn’t even a year old. Also, do you get notified for any post anywhere?

  7. Yay!!! I’m commenting on your oldest blog post!!! This was literally posted one month after I was born.

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